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Suggest to me some 70's sorta stuff?

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SaffronCake Sun 18-Sep-11 12:24:48

I've just got some very purple (officially "plum") chenille curtains for my bedroom, think Cadburys but then go one shade more berry. It's irrational because they don't go with anything but I love them, so it's time for a bedroom makeover.

The walls are white, the carpet is cream, the furniture is "antique pine effect" but I hate it so ignore that, I'll probably change it.

I thought in order to carry off my huge purple statement curtains we probably want to go with a 70's kinda thing... or as my sister put it "Austin Powers" haha!

I'm thinking go for a goldy sort of a feature wall behind the bed as there's nothing on that wall at all. I've sent for a sample of this wallpaper.

Also I need a rug to cover an old iron burn in the carpet. I am torn between a sheepskin (fake one, needs to be washable) or a zebra one maybe?

And what about some smoked glass? I could add a vase or something.

What else would fit maybe? Throw me some ideas?

I have to keep the cost down though, I am already in trouble for the "unneccassary" curtains, so nothing too posh (and it's not the sort of design style you keep forever anyway).

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