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help me choose new bedding!

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Whenisitmysleepytime Thu 15-Sep-11 09:09:59

our sheets have seen better days so i want new ones. but i have a large list of wants/ questions?
help me find something fantastic please! smile

plain or patterned?
dh sometimes does weird dribbles in his sleep (maybe bleeding gums?) so often has stains on his pillow case

high thread count or standard?
do high thread count ones need lots of ironing to look good. as a confirmed non-ironer i will not iron sheets.

where to buy?

and do i get new duvet and pillows too? (imagines i have more money than i actually do!) smile
dh has allergies so i've only ever bought man made fibre ones. please recommend ones that wear well! our duvet is a bit lumpy form where i cuddle the corners in my sleep! blush

TIA! grin

Whenisitmysleepytime Fri 16-Sep-11 12:03:44


nancythursday Fri 16-Sep-11 12:17:41

I've got a couple of sets from northern nights, one bought from qvc and one bought (new) off ebay, they've got 350 thread count and higher. They are really nice. Also got a feather bed from there which is amazing!

Pillows and duvets i buy from john Lewis and m&s. I have a down duvet on my bed but have m&s man made for ds2 and they wash well and don't go lumpy.

M&s autograph bedding range is lovely, got 2 sets from there too, quite high thread count and washes well.

I prefer to iron bedding (i iron everything) but dh has made the bed several times without ironing the sheets and it's still looked nice.


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