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Vintage Flyers - Tuesday 13

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Wolfcub Tue 13-Sep-11 06:37:32

morning all


swanriver Tue 13-Sep-11 09:47:07

thanks, Wolf, that is early!

plodding on now, don't feel v inspired and also tension is rising at thought of all work ds1 and I suspect the twins are going to have this week. Evenings are going to be a nightmare of supervising homework. Need to act prophylactically. Meals, tidy rooms. Destressed self.
Dh also being v petulant demanding and grumpy, although helpful and is clearly in need of TLC too hmm He complained last night that leek and potato soup was not spicy enough! LOL when is leek and potato soup ever spicy?

TheMadHouse Tue 13-Sep-11 11:49:42

I had world war three this morning with the minimds trying to get them dressed for school. I hate being all fishwife and shouty it doesn't get anything sorted, but put me in a fowl moos

swanriver Tue 13-Sep-11 12:14:48

Ds2 hid under the bed at school timegrin Luckily it had been recently hoovered under there wink

Why does it sometimes take 3 secs to get them dressed and sometimes even finding one shoe takes a metal detector...

Wolfcub Tue 13-Sep-11 18:45:18

mad i hate days like that, DS winds me up like no-one else on earth sometimes
swan I don't think I've ever had spicy leek and potato.

evening all

beds made
sink and loo s&s
ds's clothes laid out
living room dusted
dw unloaded
wm loaded and on, about to load again
kitchen surfaces wiped
washing up done
sink shined
ds picked up
carbonade du boeuf made and in oven
kitchen cleaned again
more washing up
sorted half my clothes and half ds's clothes for tomorrow
washing put away

just need to go down and mop kitchen floor now as the oil from the pan spat all over it and made it slippy. I intend to chill in front of great british bake off tonight

Wolfcub Tue 13-Sep-11 19:33:34


Wm loaded and on
Kitchen floor mopped
Mission completed
Story time done

grouchyoscar Tue 13-Sep-11 20:24:28

Late FLY by to say hello

Had a great night last night and met some great people in a great place
But I'm paying for it today confused
Nevertheless I have

Up washed and dressed
S&S bathroom and loo
DS to school
Quick shop for cat food and bargains (Did quite well with the bargains)
Home and unpack
Empty DW and put away
Load WM
Make a kilo of vanila sugar
Tidy worktops
Collect DS from school
Make his dinner
Make lunchbox for tomorrow
Get stuff ready for morning
Totter and potter

And an early night is required

Wolfcub Wed 14-Sep-11 06:44:12


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