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Jersey bedding?

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Shipscat Tue 13-Sep-11 06:17:10

Does anyone know why nowhere sells jersey bedding sets any more? I can find lots of places selling bottom sheets, but no duvet covers, and ours is going in holes!
I think I found one online, but it was something like £80 for a double set, and it only came in cream, which we already have.
Any thoughts?

smearedinfood Tue 13-Sep-11 13:03:44

we bought one from muji it was a while ago though

CaptainNancy Tue 13-Sep-11 13:05:25

I was going to suggest muji too! (much cheaper than £80 too)

Shipscat Wed 14-Sep-11 06:15:09

Ooh thanks - I'll try there smile

PromiseFalls Wed 14-Sep-11 17:22:59

Ours came from the Ace Catalogue

PromiseFalls Wed 14-Sep-11 17:28:38

I did these in M&S the other day as well.

PromiseFalls Wed 14-Sep-11 17:31:56

I'll try again M&S jersey bedsets

Shipscat Wed 14-Sep-11 22:02:19

Thanks for those links, promisefalls

jamaisjedors Thu 15-Sep-11 20:13:35

la redoute have some

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