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How to clean behind radiator

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joannita Fri 09-Sep-11 22:03:38

Someone will know how to do this! There's loads of dust and cobwebs and grimness behind my radiators - apart from crayons and plastic food posted there by ds. I have allergic rhinitis and I'm sure when I turn radiators on it will set up a lethal convection current of allergens. So any tips for cleaning behind?

RightUpMyRue Fri 09-Sep-11 22:06:26

You can get extra long dusters to reach behind, under and up high. Or you could make your own with an old tea towel and stick.

SazZaVoom Fri 09-Sep-11 22:07:22

feather duster on extendable stick

SazZaVoom Fri 09-Sep-11 22:08:53

like this

joannita Fri 09-Sep-11 22:21:28

wow thanks for the link. It looks like a macaw! Far too pretty for dusting!

TooManyBlossoms Fri 09-Sep-11 22:27:54

I've got one of these - it's all bendy so can reach anywhere. Although it would never have occurred to me to dust behind the radiators - god knows what horrors lurk behind them <slattern>

joannita Sat 10-Sep-11 07:59:40

Like that! - I'm due an Ikea visit. Been putting it off for months!

I have never bothered about radiators before either but ds keeps putting all sorts behind them so I've gained an intimate knowledge of the horrors that lurk and it occurs to me that every time I put the heating on that muck is being lifted by hot air and circulating around the room. Yuck. Not good for my allergies!

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