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Working our way through the babysteps - the new installment of the back to school flylady thread

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Carrotsandcelery Thu 08-Sep-11 15:23:59

Hello again everyone! This is the new thread for us as the old one was getting a bit unmanageable.

Robotindisguise Thu 08-Sep-11 15:26:26

<Comes in, flicks duster around, puts kettle on>

bessie26 Thu 08-Sep-11 15:28:29

<marks place>

Carrotsandcelery Thu 08-Sep-11 15:31:33

Good idea, this will load more easily hopefully.

Today we are on babystep no 24

This is a great one. It keeps your house visitor friendly ALL the time, so you don't panic about unexpected guests. It takes about 2 mins max a day so not difficult to fit in.

I have a main bathroom and an ensuite so I invested in the very basic cleaning kit for each room and I keep it in that room so that no time is wasted fetching the cleaning stuff. Some others used wipes. Lots of different systems will work. The idea is that it is not a detailed clean but a basic wipe around & tidy up.

Today's mission this one Easy for some and a bit more of a challenge for others. I like my worktops as bare as possible and clean them several times a day so I will just have to tackle the corner where the toaster spews crumbs and round the back of the kettle.

Carrotsandcelery Thu 08-Sep-11 15:32:25

Oh yes Robot I fancy a brew <passes round the digestive biscuits>

missmakesstuff Thu 08-Sep-11 15:35:36

Am I allowed in, no laces, got flip flops on....

I really hope DD hasn't got molars coming through, only just getting over the last lot. mind you, would mean the end was in sight.

I have done everything I planned apart from any proper school work as the biler man came whilst DD slept so didn't get anything done, and no sewing done either..oh well, boiler is fixed for now and have ahd a lovely hot shower! had to take dd in the bathroom with me though. just trying to figure out a way to get everything together for shopping/recycling when she won't let me put her down and car is at the other end of the street...will prob not check in tomorrow as will be too busy and going to try flylady's 'date night' suggestion!!

list for this eve, in no particular order:

washing on an hung out
sewing done
school work
shopping put away
dinner on
washing up
bags packed
lunches done
clothes for tomorrow sorted.

and sleep...

Carrotsandcelery Thu 08-Sep-11 15:36:25

So, today I have:
washed and dressed to shoes
made packed lunches
taken dcs to school
loaded dishwasher and cleaned worktops
15 min decluttered kitchen table
5 min room rescued the rest of the kitchen
put 2 loads of washing on
put an item on ebay
gone to my exercise class
had a coffee with a friend
washed and dressed to shoes again

Still to do:
swish and swipe bathroom
scrub under toaster and behind kettle
hot spot the airer
hot spot the ironed clothes rail
do some ironing

I am still a bit wibbly just now though so having a wee break.

Carrotsandcelery Thu 08-Sep-11 15:39:18

missmakes it could be a growth spurt, it could be teeth, it could be a new wave of separation anxiety (which seems the most likely) or she could be brewing a cold or similar. Poor you and poor little missmakes. It is very tiring and frustrating when they are like that. Sometimes it is better just to surrender yourself to them and just cuddle up and read/play etc. Chances are that as soon as she has your undivided attention she will toddle off to do her own thing.

LittleMissProcrastinator Thu 08-Sep-11 16:10:27

Hi all, <waves> Is this our new home?smile

noeyedear Thu 08-Sep-11 16:37:40

aaaargggg! I'm still not getting back into this! In my defence, DS not back at pre school yet and DS2 has spent the afternoon crying ( teeth too I think!) Maybe I'll try writing everything I've done and everything I have to do as well and then tick them off. I could have done with doing the mission today actually! Will have to do it tomorrow!

GossipWitch Thu 08-Sep-11 16:54:43

Ooohhh my, well today really hasn't gone as planned, the bf decided that he had to go and pick up his college id. He is older than me, honest !! and then his dad was going to take him shopping, so by the time he eventually text me to meet him I was already on my way home, from the school run so I ended up procrastinating on my Nans sofa for 4 hours. Men ey !! Right time for me to not procrastinate on my sofa, and get a wobble on !!

LittleMissProcrastinator Thu 08-Sep-11 17:28:19

We are cheating for dinner tonight - chip shop. grin
After dinner I'm hoping to:
Get some more washing up done
put away dry washing
swish and swipe bathroom
get dc ready for bed
then chill out.
I have been doing well with my washing up today (Sorry if it's boring)
but I am hoping to get most off it out the way then I won't have so much of it to do tomorrowhmm

Carrotsandcelery Thu 08-Sep-11 18:55:01

LittleMiss I must have read your mind as we have just had oven chips and egg - haven't had that for years and it was yummy grin

I hope you eat it from the paper with your fingers so you don't create any more washing up shock

I have done the majority of the ironing. Ds just came home from a walk with dh though and they are covered in mud so there will be more washing no doubt. Ds is in the bath and dh has gone out again to a work night out.

I will be consoling myself with more healthy food (chocolate buttons) once both dcs are in bed. That is my to do list now: eat chocolate drink and go to bed early with my book. Life in the fast lane hmm

shouldbeelswhere Thu 08-Sep-11 21:03:24

Thank you so much for moving thread, loads fine!

this evening I decluttered a shelf while DD in the bath - ooh I'm so into this, thanks guys for keeping me going! Have read essay for tomorrow and now can play on MN, is it me or is everyone getting through the tasks quicker?

ironing done this evening smile. Had to laugh Carrots as I seem to be doing more and more to avoid washing up! Wouldn't want to have to shine that bloody sink again!

Carrotsandcelery Thu 08-Sep-11 21:18:13

should I do great mountains of work just to avoid going into the study. It is all progress in the end though grin

shouldbeelswhere Thu 08-Sep-11 21:25:46

You are an inspiration, well done that woman!

AngelDog Thu 08-Sep-11 22:38:16

Thanks for the new thread, Carrots.

I love swish and swipe. It has made all the difference to our house. We live in a very hard water area so we get soap/limescale build up really quickly so S&S works really well. I use microfibre cloths (no need for detergent) so I can clean while DS is in the bath.

missmakes, there's a developmental leap at about 75 weeks (from EDD rather than birth date) and what you describe sounds like classic behaviour in the run up to the developmental spurt. Hope things improve soon.

I feel tired reading your posts. Every respect to you for managing teaching - I packed it in due to an inability to cope with the workload before I had DS!

Tomorrow I'm back to normal SAHM'ing. It'll be a relief to do things myself instead of explaining to DH how to do them and then re-doing them all after him. wink

Can't be bothered to list what I've done, but tomorrow's list is:

Go to laundrette to dry pillows & wash/dry duvet
Sainsbury's shop
Ring dentist to change appointment
Put away sugar
Re-house tube of Dermol
Freeze aubergine dip
Find DS's fleece trousers
If time, cook some apples
If time, wash DS's treasure basket
Edit notes from the course
Wash nappies

I'm going easy on baby steps as I really need to get better at going to bed. So Ill try to report on whether I manage it each day. Yesterday was 11.30 - not great but not awful. 10.30 is the ideal.

LittleMissProcrastinator Fri 09-Sep-11 08:58:35

Morning all, Dh has done the school run today as he has a day off.
I need to keep myself busy this morning so I don't get too worried about going to the doctors.
To do:
Get a shower, get dressed
do shopping list
go food shopping
wash up
put away dry washing
hang wet washing on airers
I think that will fill my morning quite nicely.
will try to pop back to MN later in the day.

obrigada Fri 09-Sep-11 10:28:47

Good luck at the doctors LittleMiss.
Fallen behind with my babysteps, going to put it down to tiredness rather than lazyness hmm

Carrotsandcelery Fri 09-Sep-11 10:49:15

LittleMiss good luck at the docs this afternoon. If it had been anything worrying he would have phoned you before now though.

Done so far today:
washed and dressed to shoes
made packed lunches
got dcs to school - just!
loaded dishwasher and cleaned work tops
finished the ironing - Yay!
room rescued the kitchen
put 2 items on ebay

Still to do:
tidy ds's bedroom - this will take a long time shock(this is 15min declutter and some)
make tea
remember appointment
today's babystep which is a bit odd
today's mission which fills me with horror
Get ready for babysitter so can go out to cinema & pub with dh grin

Carrotsandcelery Fri 09-Sep-11 12:43:04

Having a break from ds's room and waiting for my soup to cool down. I am just about there but covered in glitter. I also have a big box in there full of random stuff that I will have to sort out at some point.

I have also realised that we will need to go through the dressing up pop up and filter out what doesn't fit. It seems a good time of year to get that on ebay - prior to Halloween grin

I suspect I need to be more ruthless with it but that is the first layer done at least.

AngelDog Fri 09-Sep-11 13:06:28

Sounds like a productive morning, Carrots.

Hope this afternoon is okay, Littlemiss.

I'm feeling tired, blue and decidedly lacking in motivation today. Just a result of disturbed nights and being back at home after a fun week of studying, so I'm sure it'l improve soon.

Sainsbury's shop
Put away sugar
Re-housed tube of Dermol
Looked DS's fleece trousers which appear to be lost.

Off to the laundrette this afternoon. Hopefully that'll mean I can pack bedding away into my new vacuum bags which will make our 'organised room' look a lot tidier.

GossipWitch Fri 09-Sep-11 13:27:01

Well again a very slow to start day, my sink hasn't been shiny since the paramedics arrived. Wont be going up the boyfies tonight due to ds2 having tonsillitis, which means I can catch up with this weeks work later, however I do have a casserole in the oven!!! so that's a start I don't have to worry about rushing around trying to find something for dinner.

Carrotsandcelery Fri 09-Sep-11 13:47:04

Sounds like we are all ticking along.

I have finished ds's room and have done the landing as well (which is a play area for the dcs so you can imagine what it was like.

I have hoovered them both now and the stairs as well which always takes me ages. The hoover is now waiting to do a quick run around before the babysitter arrives and I am having another breather before my appt.

It feels like one of my better days but I cannot bring myself to mop the floor.

shouldbeelswhere Fri 09-Sep-11 14:19:06

Well done on the casserole Gossip , and the landing carrots.
obrigada how about just shining the sink and then having a relaxing brew set your alarm for 15mins and then do 5min room rescue, forget the rest?
Good luck for the Dr's LittleMiss
Angel sounds like you're storming along so no need to be disheartened. Re the lost trousers - you wouldn't believe the stuff I've found while decluttering and that's just the cereal cupboard which is now finally finished! Yay! Throw out some snacks that expired 2010 hmm

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