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If your house is a bombsite...

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Sookeh Wed 07-Sep-11 17:54:33

And you feel overwhelmed. Where do you normally start?

travellingwilbury Wed 07-Sep-11 17:55:21

With a glass of wine grin

seeker Wed 07-Sep-11 17:59:19

Mine was earlier in the week. I started by ignoring everything except clothes. I washed, ironed and put away every single item of clothing. This made a miraculous difference. Then I went from room to room tidying. Mot cleaning, just tidying. Then I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. Then I hoovered. Then I called it a day. Well, it took two days actually!

Sookeh Wed 07-Sep-11 18:00:59

Ok. I think I'll start with a big glass of wine and a few loads of laundry grin

I'm ashamed I've let it get this bad. Even my 3yo is fed up with it blush

travellingwilbury Wed 07-Sep-11 18:01:21

I agree with Seeker about the clothes , once they have all been put away I always feel better and just the sound of the washing machine makes me feel like I am achieving something .

Then all the washing up done and put away and next on my list would be the bathroom . If the toilet is clean and the kitchen is tidy I feel better .

inmysparetime Wed 07-Sep-11 18:02:32

Get a big tin of biscuits to bribe yourself, then write a monster list of little jobs that need doing that will all take 10-20 minutes e.g. Clear floor in a room, tidy a drawer. Each time you do one of the jobs, award yourself a biscuit. It works surprisingly well, so well in fact that I have moved on to bribing the kids to do jobs off the monster list too!

Collision Wed 07-Sep-11 18:03:43

Deffo clean the kitchen first.

Then tidy tidy tidy

Bleach down the loo and fold clothes

Cleaning comes much later imho!!

bibbitybobbityhat Wed 07-Sep-11 18:06:49

My bathroom is always reasonable. The toilet is always clean and the towels are changed regularly, the bathmats are pretty clean and I recycle the bottles and empty the bin regularly. This makes me feel ok about my house. The kitchen gets pretty cluttered but there is never more than 1 meal's worth of washing up lying around. Those are my standards, the rest of the house can be pretty untidy. Oh, and I always get a "lift" from changing my sheets and making my bed.

lubeybooby Wed 07-Sep-11 18:07:21

Clear kitchen surfaces and take out bins

Load dishwasher or wash up and put away

Hoover and clean floors

Iron and put away clothes

Clean loo and bathroom

Then you can clearly see anything else that needs doing and it's not so bad, so you can take time with it a bit more.

travellingwilbury Wed 07-Sep-11 18:11:52

Also grab two bin bags and go through the house throwing things away in one and things for charity shop in another . I am always amazed just how much stuff doesn't actually need to be here .

And I love nothing more than a trip to the dump with a few bags of crap .

bibbitybobbityhat Wed 07-Sep-11 18:14:53

Absolute priority has to be to get rubbish out and get dishes clean, if you're in a real state.

40notTrendy Wed 07-Sep-11 18:36:13

I do a list. Never thought of rewarding myself with biscuits, genius idea. grin
Tidy up first, then kitchen, then dust, then Hoover. Bathroom and washing floors are stand alone jobs that I do when I get the ever elusive 10 minutes.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 07-Sep-11 18:42:16

As well as clothes, I do paper. Pick up paper from everywhere it has accumulated, junk mail, letters from school, DCs artwork, whatever. Sort it into 3 piles of keep, shred and recycle. Put the keep pile in a filing tray or or box and get rid of the rest.

I always prioritise kitchen and bathroom over other areas too.

Also, whatever you are doing stop every 15 minutes and have 5 mins (no longer!) time out on MN.

babycham42 Thu 08-Sep-11 14:15:52

Pick rubbish up from floors
put away scattered clean/dirty clothes
wash up
kitchen surfaces
dust TV and other "dust magnets"
make beds

(Just let on just how minging my house gets blush)

Never really get more than the above done anyway!

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Thu 08-Sep-11 14:20:53

My house is a sty at the mo and it's doing my head in. I've decided to start where people can see - the hallway. I've cleared all the letters from the shoe rack and put them in the bedroom to go through tonight. I've also cleared the floor. Looks better already.

CaptainNancy Thu 08-Sep-11 14:25:13

Ask someone to help maybe?

LittleMissProcrastinator Thu 08-Sep-11 14:26:41

Sookeh how is it going? Have you tried to have a go yet?

FagAshLill Sat 10-Sep-11 21:17:16

Start with the kitchen first as that's the one that usually takes the longest but it makes the rest of the house eaiser to clean to in some weird way.

Butterflybows Sat 10-Sep-11 21:48:06

LittleMissProcrastinator - maybe she is too busy sorting her house to come on mumsnet grin

Sookeh Sat 10-Sep-11 23:47:28

Thanks all for the great advice!

I worked my butt off the last few days (with frequent mumsnet tea breaks) and my house is now clean, tidy and organised!

I feel so much better for it smile

My mum has had DD and my brother is here helping me with DS while DH is at work so I've had lots of time to get things in order.

I'm particularly proud of DD's room. It's a little girls dream in there now (even did a little decorating).

LittleMissProcrastinator Sun 11-Sep-11 08:31:09

well done Sookeh!grin I'm glad you are making progress. sounds really great.
I need to get back on top of my housework.(have let it slip as I have anaemia)
I am lacking the energy that I need to get it all done so am trying a little at a time.

lucyspangle Sun 11-Sep-11 09:10:45

Do kitchen first
Leave a smelly candle buring in there
Then as you try to improve the rest of the house when you come back in to the kitchen you will see how well you have done and it will motivate you to keep going.

peachybums Tue 13-Sep-11 12:19:12

I always start with picking toys/rubbish up. Im amazed how much better it looks after doing this as most of the mess is the kids crap stuff. Then i do the washing up and a few loads of laundry.

Dont think my weight watchers leader would be happy me rewarding myself with biscuits and i dont think satsumas have the same effect sad

booyhoo Tue 13-Sep-11 12:26:12

mine is like this right now (wel ithas been for about 2 years now even though i have moved in that time blush)

i agree, do dishes and washing so youcan always cook/eat and have clean clothes. beyond thati dont know, i'll get backto you once i have acheived dishes and washing grin

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