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Furniture search for DD's room. Help!

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Loonytoonie Wed 07-Sep-11 10:51:07

I'm looking for 2 pieces for my DD's room. A cabinet sort of thing to go between their beds and a shelf sort of thing to go opposite their beds.

The one between their beds - years back I remember seeing a lovely unit, quite hand-made looking, with a chicken wire cupboard as part of it's storage. It was low enough for a little lamp for little girls to operate. Can't find it since!

The other unit - I'd ideall like it to look fairly (I'm starting to loathe this term but here goes anyway..) 'shabby chic' (uuurgh) and handmade. Shelves for books and maybe wide enough shelving so that they each can have a fabric box/drawer in to keep their trinkets.

Their room is lovely - 2 old wrought iron beds, neutral flooring, pretty bunting - really simple. A friend of mine made a wide wall mounted shelf out of old scaffolding and it's really effective. I'd like to stay in line with this with these 2 units that I want, but I can't find anything vaguely suitable.

Sorry for the long request, and more sorry's if I've posted on the wrong board!

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