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Cleaning outdoor solar it even possible?

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bobkate Mon 05-Sep-11 21:40:33

We have several Ikea solar lanterns, sort of a fabric material, that we've had for several years now. They stay out in all weather through the so called summer months. Normally we put them in the shed around now and when taking them off the tree I noticed that they really are less of a summery opaque white colour and more of a sludgey mouldy green colour. Nice.
I presume, as they are out even when it rains, that I could wash them but do you think submerging them would cause damage...also wondered if anyone could suggest what with. And if anyone has washed them, has it worked??!
Thanks smile

amistillsexy Mon 05-Sep-11 21:46:43

I accidentally left mine in a carrier bag after packing up camp in the rain this summer and they went mouldy and iffy!

I filled the bowl with bleachy water and hung the lanterns over the taps. I made sure the fabric was as submerged as poss, and soaked the bit around the bulb holder with a sponge. Then I hung them in the sun (and dry!) and put them away once dry.

They are a little bit better (cleaner) but not much, but they still work.

B&M Bargains often has similar ones in coloured fabric which I'm thinking I might buy next year (love the IKEA ones though!)

bobkate Mon 05-Sep-11 22:02:21

Thanks - actually you've given me an idea. Wonder if I got a bamboo pole to rest along top of the bath, lengthways, I could hang them all along so the fabric is submerged without getting the top bit really wet? Can see that'll be my next project. Is B&M Bargins an online shop? Not heard of it before. Thanks for the tip. I too love the Ikea ones, these ones we've had for about 3 years at least so they've done well!

amistillsexy Tue 06-Sep-11 16:56:15

Yes, the bamboo pole/bath idea would be better than my hang over the tap thing!
B&M Bargains is one of those cheapy shops like Wilkinsons and Home Bargains. We've got 3 near us (up North!). I'm sure they will be in any of those type of shops, though-they all sell the same things really, don't they?

These look pretty

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