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Mouldy hover

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lucky24 Sun 04-Sep-11 19:38:36

I started hovering on Friday and could smell a bad musty smell, emptied the hover removable cylinder which collects the dirt (not a hover with a bag), at the bottom it was thick with wet dirt (someone must have hovered some water).

I spent an hour cleaning the cylinder and couldn't get in all the nooks so left it to soak in washing up liquid water over night, it was still musty on sat so left it in soak in bleach and water last night and cleaned all removable bits today and hair dried it all.

It still smells musty and i'm worried there will be mould spurs in the air, any ideas or do i need to buy a new hover?

naughtaless Sun 04-Sep-11 21:48:34

Try putting a bit of bicarb into the bottom of the cylinder.

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