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Good home made cleaning recipe please

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Clarabumps Thu 01-Sep-11 17:37:47

I'm looking for a natural kitchen cleaner recipe. I found one on the internet and it seems to just clog the spray bottle I have. If you know of a good non-clogging recipe or a place that does wider nozzle spray bottles..please share it with me! smile

Furball Fri 02-Sep-11 07:02:22

Can't tell you about homemade

but if you get stuck and have to buy a cleaner. can highly recommend Method multi surface cleaner smile

tis very friendly and lasts yonks - I get mine in Sainsburys and I think it's cheaper than that link

Clarabumps Sat 03-Sep-11 14:00:02

Thank you furball! i ordered a new spray bottle which has a wider tubey bit and seems to work fine! didn't realise its so much better than flash etc!have added some lemon oil and it smells A-MAAAA-ZING! Hurray!will try that one out though..i'll prob get fed up making it in a few weeks!

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