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need a less expensive contents insurance which is cheapest

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Marney Wed 31-Aug-11 19:12:14

Im trying to cut costs very low income to live on .We dont have much thats worth much convincing insurance firms of that isnt easy
So at the moment for a year its 75 pounds is their any firm out there who charg e less At the moment after paying rent that will be more than i earn in one week /About 5 weeks of my income is already going to go on my water rates each year im a single parent with my daughter about to go to university so i now only need about 67 pounds a week to live on the same as unemployment benefit according to the goverment assesment Yes im trying to get more work had an interview today just trying to cut everything i can in case i end up broke because i cant find more work Think the interview was okay ish but who knows lots of people looking for work
If i was unemployed would get help with water rates i work more than 16 hours but have to work 30 to get working tax credit So whats the cheapest home contents insurance please if any one can beat 75 for a year

PeanutGallery Wed 31-Aug-11 19:38:05

Have you tried comparison websites for the insurance? eg Moneysupermarket?

You need your contents insurance to cover stuff like carpets, curtains and appliances (not just stuff that would get nicked but also things that are not valuable but would need replacing if there was a fire) so it often needs to be for a higher amount than you expect.

Water rates: you could consider asking for a meter to be installed. If there will only be one of you at home, your water consumption will probably be low, so you might save money by moving to a meter. Have you got a hippo or toilet brick to save water on flushes? You can get these free I think. has loads of good advice on reducing costs and upping your income - you could try the forum there?

Hope the job hunt goes well, fingers crossed for you.

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