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How often do you change the bedding?

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virgiltracey Tue 30-Aug-11 15:58:29

I have asked the new cleaner to do it every week but I'm wondering whether that is overkill and whether her time would be better spent doing it every other week and doing something else too? Any views?

PorkChopSter Tue 30-Aug-11 16:09:23

Every two weeks hmm
Wouldn't you rather a cleaner, um, cleaned though?

Madlizzy Tue 30-Aug-11 16:09:56

Once a week here.

Itsjustafleshwound Tue 30-Aug-11 16:12:29

I change our towels every week and our bedding every fortnight. If I did have a cleaner, I would ask her to do some of the jobs I never got around to doing or jobs that really need to be done daily ..

mousymouse Tue 30-Aug-11 16:12:37

once a year before christmas if they need it or not.

pinkytheshrinky Tue 30-Aug-11 16:17:46

once a week

ASByatt Tue 30-Aug-11 16:19:53

- Disclaimer - we don't have a cleaner, but if we did, I don't think I'd want the him/her to be changing bedlinen somehow - just seems a bit too intimate???

Agree with others that once a week is right, though.

virgiltracey Tue 30-Aug-11 16:26:16

She is cleaning too but I have asked her to basically do anything I'd do if I was able to be home and so she is doing cleaning, changing bedding and towels, doing washing, ironing, putting clothes away etc. I am determined to get on top of everything (well - get someone else to get on top of everything at least!) grin

ASByatt Tue 30-Aug-11 16:49:06

Wow, how many hours will she be doing???

ASByatt Tue 30-Aug-11 16:49:51

Oooh don't think think I'd want her putting clothes away either - not mine or DH's, at least.

Am starting to wonder if I might have some ishooooooooooz grin

virgiltracey Tue 30-Aug-11 17:06:53

eight! blush. I know its a lot but the house is big. She is coming three days a week and so some things will be done a few times (e.g. the kitchen will get done three times a week). I've struggled to keep on top of everything myself but have failed and its making me miserable feeling like I'm doing a mediocre job at everything. I work full time and generally have to do a couple of hours' work each evening too. I just can't keep on top of the housework too.

susiedaisy Tue 30-Aug-11 17:09:51

Bedding every week sometimes it over runs to ten days, towels every three to four days especially when the kids have wiped alsorts in themgrin

talkingnonsense Tue 30-Aug-11 17:40:29

Our bedding at least once a week ( sleep naked), dcs once a fortnight, but clean pjs every 3 or 4 days.

bigscarymum Tue 30-Aug-11 17:48:31

Our cleaner changes our bed every week but I strip it - partly to save a bit of time, partly because I feel it's a bit personal. The DC's are does every other week but not the same weeks as each other IYSWIM.

CaptainMartinCrieff Tue 30-Aug-11 18:38:56

I like to change our bedding weekly, but sometimes lapse to fortnightly. I'd have no problem at all with the cleaner doing it though, I wouldn't find it intimate at all.

alemci Tue 30-Aug-11 18:48:06

mine is changed radomly between a week and a fortnight at the most. The kids is usually fortnightly. I do wash the towels weekly.

nannyl Tue 30-Aug-11 19:23:43

my cleaner changes our bed linen every other week.

prettybird Tue 30-Aug-11 19:52:51

Bottom sheet weekly, duvet cover fortnightly (but only cos I hate putting it on).

Love the feel of fresh cotton bedding smile

AngelDog Tue 30-Aug-11 21:08:34

Once a fortnight. Bath towels changed fortnightly, hand towels once or twice a week.

TheSkiingGardener Tue 30-Aug-11 21:17:14

Weekly unless things have gone a bit tits up. Would have absolutely no problem with a cleaner doing this, after all, if they clean the loos it's a bit late to get all sensitive.

ChippingIn Tue 30-Aug-11 21:20:50

When we had a cleaner she changed the beds - occasionally I'd strip the bed first. I love having fresh linen on the bed and if I won the Euro I'd have someone come in to do it everyday grin

But as I have to do it - once or twice pw, depending.

There are lots of threads on this in the archives if you want a laugh!!

YoungMotherTubby Tue 30-Aug-11 21:35:16

Ehm - not as often as once a week! When I remember it hasn't been done for a while or the sheets are obviously 'used'!
Towels however every 3 to 4 days.

YoungMotherTubby Tue 30-Aug-11 21:38:57

Strangely - I change the pillowcases every few days, the sheets less frequently after that and the duvet the least frequent.confused

upahill Tue 30-Aug-11 22:54:04

Every Wednesday and Sunday.

Grockle Tue 30-Aug-11 23:01:34

Every week or two. Probably fortnightly most of the time tbh but if I sleep alone, i reckon I can keep the same sheets twice as long as a couple grin

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