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Help needed I think we may have bedbugs

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RedorLead Tue 30-Aug-11 05:00:47

I think we may have bedbugs - am going to call a pest control company when they open in the morning.

My skin is agony i have been really badly bitten - no one else in the family has had my reaction, I assumed it was a reaction to a new washing powder till I squashed one of the little buggers by accident - it's taken me a couple of days to piece it all together.

We're living in a rented flat - they've probably been here since before we moved in. Who pays for pest control - us or the landlord?

Any advice on which pest control agency to call?

AKMD Tue 30-Aug-11 21:04:28

No idea about who pays on a legal basis but if they were there before you moved in it should be the LL, who could then sue the previous tenants if necessary for not having the place professionally cleaned to a high enough stadards when they left (it's a clause in most rental contracts).

In the meantime, put all your bedding on a high heat wash - 60 degrees minimum.

RedorLead Wed 31-Aug-11 08:52:06

Phoned a bed bug company and the said they wanted evidence before coming to visit - so reluctantly and with alcohol and a camera at hand we had a good hoke around last night and found nothing.

Still feeling a bit worried so we will keep checking and will no longer think dh is being prissy by choosing not to sit on the tube, now I am aware of how difficult it is to eradicate them - from now none of us are sitting on the tube!

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