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curtain tie backs

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WhollyGhost Mon 29-Aug-11 11:52:50

anyone got any suggestions/advice/links

it is not a subject to which I have ever given thought before now, but have just bought new floor length curtains for the living room and some kind of tie backs are definitely needed

I've been told that the (bargain) red curtains make the room a bit brothel-like, so am wary of anything too tasselly....


SugarSkyHigh Mon 29-Aug-11 21:22:04

floor length red curtains sound fabulous - who told you they make the room brothel-like - I bet it was your mother grin

how about some metal curtain holdbacks? you know those round metal things that you just hook the curtains over.

You say your curtains are bargain - you could always get them interlined to un-bargain them and make them look lush! what fabric are they made from? and what sort of heading? <curtain anorak emotion>

bluetortoise Mon 29-Aug-11 23:07:55

would that be an option
I bought mine (a different style) at JL and I love them smile

WhollyGhost Tue 30-Aug-11 12:26:07

Yay! either metal tie backs or those noodle tie back would work well!

SugarSkyHigh, you are close, it was my (very unworldly) MIL who said they made the room a bit brothel like - so naturally I enquired about her experience of brothels. She said that it was only from watching movies shock grin Now the idea is in my head though...

The curtains are a cotton and polyester mix, and to my surprise, they are very well lined. They just have space for those hook things on the top (pencil pleat?) I bought them in a closing down sale for 75% off. smile

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