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Cables, cables everywhere :(

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kayah Sun 28-Aug-11 23:07:37

They drive me crazy, different chargers for different phones, ipods, cameras


how do you cope with them

do you have secret drawers labeled where what goes?

If only they were colorfull - I would rem ember smile ... not

Kestryn Mon 29-Aug-11 01:12:36

First, we put sticky labels on them so we at least know which goes with what!

Next, we use three shallow drawers of an Ikea Trofast as a charging station - bottom 2 have all the chargers in, top one has a four-socket extension lead in it with the cord fed up through the back.

We tried keeping chargers with items but found it just didn't work. Having all the chargers in one place seems a lot easier.

wonkylegs Mon 29-Aug-11 01:19:23

iPhone charger is permanently plugged in by bed
All camera chargers on a shelf in my office, laptop power too
All wii, portable DVD, headphones, actually anything 'playable' in a basket on the shelf above the tv
DS's nightlight & my shaver charger cables in a drawer in my bedroom
All random floating chargers that are regularly lost = DH's grin

startail Mon 29-Aug-11 01:57:14

I feel your pain.
The best we've come up with is mounting a switched board to the wall above a shelf so phone and DS chargers have a permanent home. DD1 keeps an iPod lead under her bunk pillow due to an iBook habit and to have music to fall asleep too.
DD2 has a cheap speaker dock, it gets plugged in wherever she wants music and I have a radio clock thingy to charge by the bed to charge mine.
DH has a tangled box in the study containing mysterious chargers and I have the dreaded bowl by my computer. This is dreaded because it is guaranteed to contain everything except lead for the camera I want to download.
This bowl can be avoided, if and only if the card reader is connected to my PC. Unfortunately this is tiny and likely to be in said bowl or worst still In the study angry

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