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bathroom flooring - any ideas

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qwepoi Fri 26-Aug-11 15:15:02

It's a large country bathroom. Whole of upstairs is going to be carpeted the same colour but I think it would be nice to have something else in the bathroom. I'd like to have floor boards, but as dh rightly points out, they are knackered. Not poss to improve them without work beyond our budget. DH thinks carpet. I think this will be a bit meh and characterless (+ think carpets in bathrooms are a bit yuck). Then we thought of laminate but would that be v slippery? Have two small dcs.
Any ideas?

nannyl Fri 26-Aug-11 19:55:51

We have just refloored our bathroom

I have chosen a vinyl thats non slip and looks like its oak floor boards... well you can see its vinyl really but thats the pattern.

We have a large bathroom and a 3m X 3m piece of non-slip vinyl was less than £50 delivered from a company on ebay (much cheaper than B&Q and they sent me samples for free so i could see what the quality was like)

Our bathroom fitter fitted it, and it looks great, and wont matter if it gets wet.

we had floorboard before but they looked awful, as they had been revarnished so many times and most of the varnish that had worn off had been re-varnished over so it really looked awful!
also they got bits of dust down the (teeny tiny) joins so never felt clean.

Lynzilove Fri 26-Aug-11 20:00:38

We have large slate tiles. Love them. They're really warm considering their tiles and are contemporary rustic ( if there is such a thing)!

Littlefish Fri 26-Aug-11 20:12:14

We have just done the floor in the en-suite bathroom in our Georgian house. Our floorboards are a bit bouncy and so there was no way we could put tiles down as, even with a marine ply base, they would have cracked, or the grouting would have cracked.

So, we've had Amtico flooring laid, that looks like slate tiles, with a silver/grey grouting line. It looks great, feels wam, and is flexible enough to cope with the slight movement in our floor. We've put it with pale blue Walls, a cast iron victorian fireplace, a free sanding bath and a sink mounted on top of an oak cupboard. I absolutely love my new bathroom!

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