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Water has leaked into ceiling and left musty smell - how to get rid?

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Quodlibet Fri 26-Aug-11 11:40:43

I'd appreciate any advice.

The flat upstairs has had a leak and it has come through our ceiling which is stained brown. The landlord got a plumber out before the damage got too disastrous.

However we're left with a musty smell in our living room, have tried leaving windows open for the past 5 days and burning candles (which masks it) but essentially the smell's not getting much better - it smells like a shed!

Anyone got any advice? Or do we have to get the landlord to make expensive repairs upstairs and possibly to our ceiling? They are coming to repaint it but I'm not sure that will put an end to the smell.


minipie Fri 26-Aug-11 16:22:35

Hmmm. Do you know if it was a slow leak over a long time (i.e. the ceiling was wet for a long time) or just a one-off thing like a washing machine overflowing?

If it was a slow leak, I'd be worried about rot and I would ask the landlord to investigate and repair if necessary. In fact maybe ask them even if it was a one-off leak.

It should be covered by the buildings insurance so shouldn't cost them.

We had a leak into our flat from the flat above a couple of years ago (their washine machine overflowed), part of our ceiling came down, whole ceiling and carpet had to be replaced. Buildings insurers paid for new ceiling and contents insurers for new carpet - no quibbles.

<Oh hello Quod, just saw it's you!>

Quodlibet Fri 26-Aug-11 16:45:46

Ta Minipie!

Yes it was a washing machine, but pipes had been under strain for some time so I think it had been leaking a bit since then.

Good point re their buildings insurance - I'll get on to them.

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