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I know i sound like a spoilt madam BUT can anyone suggest what i should say to new cleaner?????

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poppydog2 Fri 26-Aug-11 10:07:27

I had a fantastic cleaner for years(why do i feel guilty saying that) but she has taken on a new full time job. She was just brilliant!!!!! However she asked one of her friends to take over...this lady works as a cleaner for other folk. But 3 weeks in and my husband and mother are both commenting on how she really isn't doing a good job- while i was trying to ignore the dirt. I don't know how to say anything to her. Its simple things like the floor still covered in "bits" despite being hoovered and mopped....the kitchen sink having weetabix stuck in it....So i know i sound spoilt but having spent this morning cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms etc that she cleaned yesterday i am a bit annoyed. What should i say????

Iggly Fri 26-Aug-11 14:05:07

Be factual - so say I noticed there were bits of food after a clean - best to do It immediately after she finishes (tell her you'd like a chat once she's done, before she starts). Say what you'd expect.

Failing that, get rid and get a new one.

planetpotty Fri 26-Aug-11 14:11:14

Definately do something about it - you cant pay a cleaner and then end up cleaning it yourself!!

Ummmm how would I approach it?... say.... I dont want you to be upset or for this to cause an attmosphere but I have noticed a few things that have not been finished how I like them to be.....maybe she is rushing to try and get lots done for you and not paying attention to detail?

Whatever you do - do something - I would LOVE a cleaner - its your hard earned money so you deserve to get what youre paying for!

oliviasmama Wed 31-Aug-11 02:50:03

I clean 2 days a week, I work for an agency and believe me, it's the hardest job I've ever done! Prior to having DD I had a demanding and responsible role in management but as for which left me more knackered, phew this cleaning business wins hands down! grin That said it fits in perfectly with our family life as I'm a single mum and it gives me total flexibility. Anyway...I clean as if I'm "spring cleaning", give every part of the room the top to bottom as I'm paranoid that the home owner will be disappointed (!!) but I am amazed at how many times I follow the previous cleaner and find myself wondering what exactly they did.

IMO, I'd be very clear on what you expect from your new cleaner. If I'm not told what is expected of me, I always ask. People are different and have clear likes and dislikes. It's easier for everyone if you are specific in your expectations. From the cleaners point of view, it is sometimes difficult to judge the time it takes to do the cleaning and if she is expected to do the entire house in a couple of hours she will cut corners, that said, I really dont think you should be cleaning so soon after your cleaner.

I'd be completely ok with you saying something along the lines of..."thanks for last week, could you make sure the floor is cleaned really well, it gets very bitty and that there is no food left in the plug when you clean the sink" also if there is anything else your unhappy with make a point of saying it all at once or else she may just think your constantly winging. (and then offer her a cup of coffee as a peace offering)

Bet you pay a bomb too so get it sorted. Good luck.

oliviasmama Wed 31-Aug-11 02:53:51

wingeing even....

oh and I am not the perfect cleaner as the spring cleaning style makes me slow!! gotta take the rough with the smooth wink

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