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Any recommendations for washing machines?

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drcrab Wed 24-Aug-11 22:30:48

My w/m has finally died and even though the service agreement hasn't quite run out and the engineer did come out to look at it and put in orders for 3 parts, they've not arrived yet. This was 2 weeks ago. Am thinking of calling them and shouting. sad. We have a toddler and an 11 month old. We need to do washing at least once every 2 days.

Anyway can anyone recommend a machine please? Said to DH that I want to get a new machine regardless of this flipping one getting fixed or not. We can shove this in the shed maybe?? This indesit has given me no end of trouble.


schroeder Wed 24-Aug-11 23:05:49

Last one we had was indesit too, we had it fixed 3 times in 18 months. Now we have this one I think, from John lewis not only does it come with a warranty, but we have had no problems so far-2 years I think.

It's not all singing all dancing, i sort of miss the really quick wash cycles and the delay timer thingie, but I think reliability is more important. I suppose you could get one of their more expensive models maybe? We just couldn't stretch to anymore at the time.

emsyj Wed 24-Aug-11 23:13:08

Miele Miele Miele every time. They last forever and usually come with either 5 or 10 years' guarantee. They are expensive (relatively) but the most basic model does everything I need and I don't expect to buy another washing machine until I'm in my dotage.

<dangerously tempts fate>

My mum has a Miele that she's had since I was in 6th form. I am now 32 and she has never ever had it repaired despite using it more or less every day for all that time.

<cruelly tempts fate in mother's direction, despite mother being entirely innocent and undeserving of broken washing machine>

Kbear Wed 24-Aug-11 23:14:05


schroeder Wed 24-Aug-11 23:16:25

OMG hark at us? how middle class can you get grin

John Lewis, Miele, Bosch shock

emsyj Wed 24-Aug-11 23:19:14

I think the quality of the Bosch machines depends on the model - some are made in Germany and are great, others are not and are, um, not. So if you buy a Bosch, ask where it is made. I think it is the more expensive Bosch that are made in Germany but not sure.

hellymelly Wed 24-Aug-11 23:19:26

Miele.Buy the best one you can afford.mine came with a free 10year guarantee,which tells all.

Joolyjoolyjoo Wed 24-Aug-11 23:21:30

Hi. I started a similar thread last week, and had good advice and a good outcome. I'll try to link to the thread:

my washing machine thread

drcrab Thu 25-Aug-11 08:18:45

Hi Joo thanks so much! So I gather you went with the Hotpoint Aquarius and you got it from appliancesonline?? I was impressed with the feedback on your thread about this make, but it worries me that Hotpoint are the same co as Indesit (Or maybe not?!)...and I've had 8 horror years with Indesit.

Joolyjoolyjoo Thu 25-Aug-11 13:38:24

Well, so far so good! I didn't know Hotpoint were same co as Indesit, as I would not have bought an indesit! strangely enough, the online reviews of the 6kg aquarius were nearly all good, but when I looked at the reviews of the 7kg hotpoint they weren't good at all!! Worth a google, and I would definitely recommend appliancesonline!

drcrab Sat 27-Aug-11 14:18:05

I have just bought a Bosch from appliancesonline - they're coming tomorrow! A Sunday! for Free! OMG... I'm so far v impressed. I just hope this machine doesn't let me down. It's on the best buy list on Which? and appliancesonline's price is £75 less than the independent shop that I was going to go to. I'm never ever buying an indesit anything.

And yes, Joo, Hotpoint is the same co as Indesit (at least for customer service!!). But fingers crossed your machine will be good. x

drcrab Sun 28-Aug-11 09:08:28

Just wanted to add that my machine arrived this morning at 7.55am. They texted last night saying it'd be delivered between8-12, rang at 7.40 saying they'll be 15 minutes, were at the door at 7.50 and out the door at 7.55 taking their packaging with them. The service is brilliant, and on a sunday too! DH is now installing it. I can't wait to do my first wash.grin

Maryz Sun 28-Aug-11 10:51:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bouviergirl Mon 29-Aug-11 22:09:43

Can't believe i'm actually fired up enough to reply on this thread topic (!!) but it is a measure of how strongly i would recommend my washing machine model - Siemens WM 2300!!! It isn't strictly 'ours' but comes with our accommodation, so i had no axe to grind when we got it. Previously we'd had a John Lewis own brand (admittedly bottom end of their market, starter machine) which was not very good, looking back. Our current Siemens model is FANTASTIC, can't recommend it highly enough. Cleans everything out, even when I don't think there's any chance. It's brilliant. We will definitely be getting one when we come to buy our own.

(DH can't believe i'm typing away right now about washing machines. But he loves the wm even more than i do!!!)

drcrab Tue 30-Aug-11 10:59:50

Maryz - this is the one

and it's brilliant. we have 2 kids (3.5 years and 11 months) and we need to use them at least 1x a day and on weekends 2x...

it's rated on the best buy on the Which? website. and buying from this website(above) it was 20% cheaper than the independent store near ours (and also cheaper than currys). totally recommend it.

drcrab Tue 30-Aug-11 11:04:15

forgot to add that yes, we're in a v hard water area too (SE)!

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