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cleaning laminate floors

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Pudden Mon 22-Aug-11 11:25:09

How does everyone clean and care for their laminate floors. Ours gets fluff and dust monsters building up daily and the hoover is scratching the floor. Are the specialist laminate floor cleaners any good or is stardrops better?


mousymouse Mon 22-Aug-11 11:29:49

I use the hoover with the hard floor attachments and have my cleaner mop it with all purpose cleaner every week.
if the dust bunnies get too big, I --slattern- just pick them up and bin them..

nannyl Mon 22-Aug-11 13:42:30

i have a mop like this but from asda and <£10

i have 2 of the big fluffy blue heads that they sell in the £ shop which i use to dust the floor. (have had them over 5 years and they are still like new)

I use the white microfiber head that came with the mop (actually i have 2 as one broke but it had been used regularly for 5 years) and i use the white one to wash the laminate floor, (at least once a week)

either with dettox spray on floor cleaner or (usually) i put some all purpose cleaner OR soda crystals in the washing up bowl with some hot water.

I dip the white mop head in and ring it out and clean the floor.

i always throw the white mop head straight into the machine after every use. 5 years on its still good as new, and so long as you dont leave them wet, and wash and dry after use they seem to last forever and so the job.

I sweep floor with brush, them use blue duster, then wet mop.

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