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Paranoid about moths.

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babycham42 Sun 21-Aug-11 09:59:15

I have heard it"s a bad year for them.

I know the hoover is my best friend and you can get stuff to treat them.
I can identify the damage they cause.
But I am paranoid that every little moth I see flying about is a clothes moth so can anyone give me some pointers at identifying those that I need to worry about before I drive myself mad!Also any cheap child and pet friendly deterrents.

chandellina Wed 24-Aug-11 12:31:52

you can look at images online to see the different types. In brief, there are small silvery ones, and slightly larger ones with brown stripes. Both types rest on the wall with their wings in (not spread out).

You can protect clothes or kill existing larvae by putting them in the freezer. Also can try sealed plastic boxes, assuming they're not already in the clothes.

Traps are a cheap and safe way to catch the females and prevent further reproduction. Most other methods are not child friendly. Make sure you empty your hoover after use because they can just set up shop there.

We had our last house fumigated three times and they were still buzzing about, though we kept our wool clothes in a freezer and didn't actually experience damage. The pest control guy thought they were living under the carpets. I've heard they can also live in the floorboards of houses, living off dust and other lint/debris.

Fingers crossed we haven't taken them with us to our new house.

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