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Has anyone got a Cheshire sofa from sofasofa?

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Mumswang Sat 20-Aug-11 21:29:12

after spending 18 hours out of each 24 hour period for the last two weeks feeding newborn DD on The Worlds Most Uncomfortable Sofa i've had enough.

I've got to have a new one

But a) we're skint and b) space is restricted

it needs to be no more than 165cm long

This seems to be about the best i can find but i'm reluctant to buy without trying

has anyone got one of these and is it comfy? comfy enough for this feeding marathon i am stuck with?

nannyl Sat 20-Aug-11 22:51:13

Ours isnt exactly the same, but very very similar from sofasofa. (the arms are slightly different)

they are 4 years old now and excellent quality and value for money in my opinion. MIL got some completley different sofas at the same time as us (from sofasofa) and is equally happy with hers.

Ours is the cheshire cream sofa, and although the covers say dry clean only i can assure you they CAN go in the washing machine.
Ours have been washed at 30C with biological detergent and line dried several times and always come up good as new.
as sofa covers go they are relatively easy to get back into the covers too.

they really are very very comfortable, and far more comfy than other sofas i have sat on (from DFS / argos & similar) and 4 years on they still look immaculate.

BUT i will mention that when we got ours 4 years ago all the reviews were fantastic...... my sister is moving house in 2 / 3 weeks time and asked about our sofas (as she loves them), and she did some online research and found that recently, the service seems to be not as good as it was 4 years ago.... so worth researching yourself

they also have their warehouse in wales, not that far from the severn bridge where you can go and try them out....

BUT i have a 4 year old sofasofa, baby due in 3 weeks, and i am not at all bothered about feeding while sitting on it..... its far comfier than many other sofas i have sat on!

Mumswang Sun 21-Aug-11 10:43:55

Oh that's great. Thank you

they're so much cheaper than any others I can find too. The only other little one I can find is a Laura ashley one, £750 and non removable covers, which with a toddler, a newborn and a dog seems a vad idea

To be honest I'd be more comfortable sat on a camel than on this one we've got

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