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Bedding - How "good" does it need to be?

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create Thu 18-Aug-11 22:10:44

ATM I'm using a synthetic duvet and polycotton cover, both were wedding gifts.

Since having DC I get very sweaty at night and often wake wet through. Would changing the bedding for cotton and down help?

What's the difference between a "cheap" feather duvet and a really good one? How much do I "need" to spend? Same with duvet cover/sheets? If I can only do either duvet or cover, which one would be most worthwhile?

Thank you

PogoBaby Thu 18-Aug-11 22:21:22

Personally I would spend more on the duvet if having to budget but definately change to cotton bedding.

I'm a cheapskate on a budget so have to get cheap reasonably priced bedding but always go for cotton.

Funk Fri 19-Aug-11 02:34:47

I actually prefer synthetic duvets - easy to wash, cheap (so can renew) plus I don't don't really want feathers as I just don't think they are so hygienic.

Perhaps the duvet is too high a tog for this time of year and that's why you are so hot. You'll get a really cheap, thin one from Asda, IKEA etc. I've got IKEAs and they're really good. I haven't used poly cotton bedding for many, many years and can't remember why I changed to 100% cotton.

jjgirl Fri 19-Aug-11 13:20:07

i always sweat under a duvet no matter what it is made from. i have never had a problem with layers of pure wool or cotton blankets. I do like them a lot more as i makes me feel more secure in bed.

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