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Super Silent Hotpoint Washer

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Signet2012 Wed 17-Aug-11 23:08:28

I got one second hand off a family member and the seal and soap dispenser where thick with black mould.... I was horrified and nothing would get it clean but I did really like the machine and it was so quiet so I treat the house to a new washer of the newer version of the one I had got from a family member.

Almost immediately I noticed this seal and soap dispenser going black and mouldy! Despite the fact I clean it all the time/ dry it after use/ leave the door open!

Had to get the man out for something else and he suggested using these sachets of stuff (name escapes me) which I did and its made no difference, its progressively got worse and only had the machine a year and its embarrassing. it doesnt get on the clothes or smell but its black right in the creases of seal and washer drawer gets bad if I dont clean it for a week! only two adults live in the house so its not on 24/ 7

Anyone any ideas how i can get rid? Or has anyone else had a similar problem?

Never had this before with any of my washers and nothing around my cleaning regime has changed

thanks smile

nannyl Thu 18-Aug-11 08:34:53

are you using non bio and / or a gel type detergant?

If so try doing occasional washed with bioogical powder.

also i never use the soap dispenser and put whatever detergant im using straight into machine. The only thing thats allowed in there is vinegar (no softerner either)

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