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help i have a mouse in my kitchen!

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scabbysnake Tue 16-Aug-11 13:08:25

i live in an old house with a celler. today i was sat in the dinning room which is next to the kitchen & something catches my eye, a bloody mouse in my kitchen. thought it went behide the units so too the kickboards off but its no where to be seen.
went out & ot some posion pellet things, not sure what else to do. i have informed landlord but he doesn't seem bothered.
am worried it will find its way up the stairs in the middle of the night arghhhhh
any advice?

nocake Tue 16-Aug-11 13:19:53

Unfortunately old houses have lots of holes that mice can get in. We've had them in our house and the most effective way of getting rid of them was an old fashioned spring trap. I have a plastic one that I bait with peanut butter.

babycham42 Tue 16-Aug-11 14:36:28

Put any food in containers - you don"t want mouse droppings in your sugar,and keep your kitchen work surfaces very clean while you have a problem.
If the problem doesn"t resolve quickly with DIY measures,get the professionals in.

scabbysnake Tue 16-Aug-11 15:43:07

thanx! have swapped my lower food cupboard to a higher one just incase.
i haven't found any droppings or signs of mice so not sure if this is a random rouge one!
its horrid, i've been reading on the net that people have them in their bedrooms! ekkkk!
rang the council and they said that they would come in but would cost £25, not sure if i can get it back from my landlord though.
hopefully won't see it again!

missuswife Tue 16-Aug-11 17:42:58

Remove all access to food, crumbs, anything foodlike that would be attractive to a mouse. The spring traps baited with peanut butter have always worked for me in the past. I've never liked poison because the mouse could go die in the wall and start to smell.

Doha Wed 17-Aug-11 00:04:50

We bought a sonic mouse repellant for my daughters flat. Seemed to work although we did block off any access we could find like fireplaces. These are plug in devices emitting a high pitch sound --l cant hear it--not seen any signs of mice since.
Couldn't stand the thought of having to dispose of a moise in a trap.

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