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ikea MALM drawers? for kids room

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scabbysnake Mon 15-Aug-11 10:25:49

my boys need new bedroom furniture. i was thinking of getting them 3 sets of drawers between them, to include their bedding to go in. do you think this would be enough? and are these drawers any good?
not sure which to get the 4 drawer
or 6 drawers
does anyone just have drawers and not wardrobes? does it work ok?

ggirl Mon 15-Aug-11 10:31:55

yes ds has the 6drawer one and no wardrobe

he has hooks on his bedroom door for hanging the odd thing , school shirt , dressing gown

they are very good , dd has same but also has wardrobe

herbietea Mon 15-Aug-11 10:48:26

Message withdrawn

scabbysnake Mon 15-Aug-11 16:38:34

thanx smile

Tonksforthememories Mon 15-Aug-11 16:40:55

I've just bought them for Dc's bedroom. They weigh a ton which i wasn't really expecting, but fab for purpose!

PigeonPie Mon 15-Aug-11 22:05:18

We've all got the 6 drawer ones. The DSs also have a 'towel rail' attached to the wall to hang shirts etc on. We can put hangers on it, but also got some ready attached moveable hooks on it for fleeces and the like which don't need hangers.

It all seems to work. Just be careful you don't put too much in the drawers. DH has had to invent an under drawer strengthening method for one of DS1's drawers!

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