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Sofa Covers - Do I really have to dry clean them?

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splodge2001 Sun 14-Aug-11 19:54:48

I've just bought a second-hand sofa with dirty seats!

I've taken the cream cotton cushion covers off but I really don't want to have to dry clean them as it will cost me a fortune.

Any ideas?

jeee Sun 14-Aug-11 19:57:07

I (very gently) machine-washed dry-clean only sofa covers, with no ill-effects.

splodge2001 Sun 14-Aug-11 20:15:27

with special detergent?

ceres Sun 14-Aug-11 21:29:34

i machine wash my dry-clean-only chenille covers. i use woolite and a gentle wash - they come up brilliantly. if there are any particularly grubby areas i rub a bit of woolite in before bunging in the machine.

Ponders Sun 14-Aug-11 21:31:53

we had a sofa with 2 sets of covers - one velvet, one smooth - both cotton afaik. machine washed both at 40 degrees in ordinary detergent, no probs (did cushions covers & arm caps in one load, sofa cover in another)

Ponders Sun 14-Aug-11 21:33:32

(probably not a good idea to tumble dry from wet though, they might shrink past fitting - I would air dry mine, on line in summer or over banister in winter)

nannyl Sun 14-Aug-11 21:54:07

mine said dry clean only but were made of normal material

they are cream

i washed them at 30C with ariel bio powder and they were like being brand new again!
i air dried them on the line

LordOfTheFlies Sun 21-Aug-11 11:56:57

I've got a 2 seater sofa bed (Ikea) with a needlecord black cover.

Label said no wash but I put on gentle cycle, left in soak mode, drained and rinsed twice.
Didn't spin in case washing machine could cope.(It was flippin heavy!)

Hung out to line dry.
It survivedgrin

hiccymapops Sun 21-Aug-11 12:00:30

I've washed mine too on a gentle wash, then line dried (shocking for me, usually if it fits, it goes in the rumble dryer) I was really worried the'd shrink, but were fine.
As long as it's not a hot wash, and you're careful how you dry them, they should be fine.

hiccymapops Sun 21-Aug-11 12:02:02

Tumble dryer, just in case you thought a rumble dryer was some new fangled device grin really must start reading before I post!

LordOfTheFlies Sun 21-Aug-11 12:07:17

I want a rumble dryer now.

<<stamps foot in 2 yo tantrum sort of way>> grin

hiccymapops Sun 21-Aug-11 12:13:57

I know, me too now grin

mousymouse Sun 21-Aug-11 12:16:14

I wash mine too. I think the no wash is because he fabric is treated with fire retardent stuff. but I can't be arsed.

ChippingIn Sun 21-Aug-11 12:20:29

I was given a sofa and it was absolutely filthy wasn't very clean - the ad (freecycle) said it was 'A bit grubby on the arms' - well - they weren't lying grin I'd only got them second hand as I am renovating the house and simply wanted a couple that were clean and comfy that I wasn't worried about if they got a bit of paint on them or whatever - to be replaced when I've finished the work - so I didn't go and see them first or anything.

I stripped off all of the covers - read the washing instrustions on the base of the sofa.

I took it to the laundromat so it could go in two big machines (base cover in one, cushion covers in the other) rather than my smaller one - so it had lots of room to move around and get a good clean - I sprayed the life out of it with the pink stain removal stuff and shoved it in on a long, hot wash with lots of detergent (liquid), more stain remover and fabric conditioner.

Brought it all home - hung it on the line.

Came inside.

Read the small print (onthe label on the sofa)...

'Not all of our cover fabrics are suitable for washing - please check the label first'

OOoooopsss - but oh well, I was not paying for dry cleaning, I doubt it would have done the job anyway and it was NOT staying in my house how it was.... and actually, the base of the settee looks quite nice uncovered - but the cushions don't sadly or I'd have left them 'naked'!!

It dried on the line and went back on a dream. Clean.

Depends how much you are willing to risk it!!

Another hint is to put them back on when they're still a bit damp and stretch them out if you are worried. I thought I would wash them again if that was the case for me as I'd rather not have them on damp if avoidable.

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