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oil on wall..... :(

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messymammy Thu 11-Aug-11 16:02:50

hi ladies,
I'm in big trouble here! Dd1, stuck her fingers in the crack when the door is open and got black oil all over her fingers from the hinge. SHE WIPED HER HAND ON THE WALL!! angry angry
How am I going to clean it? We're renting so don't want to try anything unless I know it'll work smile
I'm relying on you guys here!! x

anonymousbird Thu 11-Aug-11 18:01:38

Jif and one of those gentle scourer pads? We use it all the time for marks on the wall, but not black oil I must confess.

It's all I can think of, can you do a test run - get some of the oil on somewhere it doesn't show and try it first.... otherwise, it could be a touching up job!

Good luck

messymammy Thu 11-Aug-11 22:11:08

anonymousbird thanks for that,will try anything at this stage! Dp was shock at it when he saw it,so must be bad,takes a lot for him to notice,god only knows Whats the landlord would think.
Thanks again, will let you know how i get on x

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