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Rust on Chrome Towel Rail

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ilovegenehunt Thu 11-Aug-11 13:57:27

Hello there
Any one know of a product that will remove rust from a chrome towel rail? i've tried all the usual household cleaners and scrubbing with a brush but its just scratching the rail and not really removing any of the rust.
Thanking you

Kladdkaka Thu 11-Aug-11 20:43:48

I asked my husband for you (scientist and all round nerdy type). He says that if it's rusting then it's not chrome, it's probably chrome plated and the base metal has become exposed. Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do to correct it once it starts. He says that unfortunately the only options are to live with it, replace it or paint it with hammerite. Whatever you do, don't scrub it with anything like wire wool as this will just expose more base metal and make it worse.

ilovegenehunt Thu 11-Aug-11 21:14:34

thanks kladdkaka thats b&q rubbish for you! will have to try and disguise with strategically placed towels then. thanks for replying and to your all round nerdy type husband grin

Fuzzywuzzywozabear Fri 12-Aug-11 11:18:04

Give bar-keepers friend a try first - you do need elbow grease as well though - it worked for me

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