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Getting a cleaner- use agency or employ someone myself???

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MadButMeansWell Wed 10-Aug-11 19:44:36

I need to get a cleaner for approx 3 hrs per week. I have looked at a local agency (Poppies in Ormskirk, Lancs if anyone knows it) who seem v professional but pricey- may even have to make it just once a fortnight on their prices. Was considering putting an ad in the newsagent's window but was nervous of who I may get as they will need to come when I am out. What are your experiences- and what do you pay your cleaner? Thanks

virgiltracey Wed 10-Aug-11 19:46:29

use an agency/cleaning company otherwise you are responsible for tax, national insurance and annual leave/sick pay.

we pay £10 per hour but it varies dramatically depending on where you live

faverolles Wed 10-Aug-11 19:50:27

A private cleaner would usually be self employed, so will deal with their own national insurance etc. They are likely to be cheaper than an agency, but probably won't be insured.
I would go privately from recommendations.
An agency will be more expensive, but IMO easier to deal with as it's not as personal.

MarshaBrady Wed 10-Aug-11 19:52:29

Recommendation from a friend is a good way. We pay £8 directly, which is very reasonable for London I think.

MadButMeansWell Wed 10-Aug-11 19:58:12

thanks- I might try a couple of other agencies as from these prices it looks like this might just be a particularly expensive agency. Have asked around for recommendations-but had no luck- I live in quite a rural location so its a bit out of most peoples' way.

Cleana Fri 12-Aug-11 10:05:16

CLEANING LADY: I am posting this for my very good Polish lady cleaner, aged 27, who would like some more jobs. She is very energetic, strong and helpful. She lives near Wood Green and could work in Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Turnpike Lane, Finsbury Park areas, etc. I pay her £9 per hour but she is happy to accept £8 per hour. Please contact me and I can pass your details on - 07963620191

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