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Pissy pants!

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LadyWithNoManors Mon 08-Aug-11 16:58:36

We've just got back off a 2 week holiday and have only just found a pair of wet jeans in my DD's nursery bag that she wore before we went. as you can imagine they hummed.
I have washed them twice on a 40 degree wash but they still smell sad.
I really don't want to throw them out as they are good Gap ones. Has anyone any ideas to remove this stinky urine smell?
Thanks smile

DrSeuss Mon 08-Aug-11 19:22:28

Puppy spray? Available from petshops.

redglow Mon 08-Aug-11 21:01:51

put them on the line for as long as possible,

Littlefish Mon 08-Aug-11 21:07:55

Dampen them and spread bicarbonate of soda all over them. Leave them to dry with the bicarb on and then re-wash them.

LadyWithNoManors Mon 08-Aug-11 21:10:24

Thanks for the replies. I'll put them on the line overnight. Then tomorrow i'll try bicarb and wash them again. Would try puppy spray if I had any!

FreePeaceSweet Mon 08-Aug-11 21:36:33

I had a similar problem with ds jeans a while back. Dampen the smelly area with cold water and apply a paste made up of bicarb, bio wash powder and washing up liquid. Leave over night. Wash at 60 degrees. I promise this will work. smile

nannyl Mon 08-Aug-11 23:04:42

soak in napisan overnight

colditz Mon 08-Aug-11 23:06:43

Have you washed them in non bio? Because you need something a bit brutal, like Surf, for pissy jeans

colditz Mon 08-Aug-11 23:07:40

Oh and I found a pair of Ds2's pissy jeans hidden under his bed once - and when I washed then, his wee had BLEACHED THE CROTCH!!!

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