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Oreck XL being huffy

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LordOfTheFlies Mon 08-Aug-11 00:10:12

Had my Oreck about 6 years.
It seems to get the rollers really caught up -usually with DDs Rapunzal like hair.
But recently its making a burning smell,DH has changed belt and bag and removed and cleaned the rollers.
But it's not picking up and it's still burning.

Question is- is it worth repairing?
There's a shop about 5 miles away which repairs Orecks so I can get it there.
No idea how much it would cost.
Should I cut my losses and just replace it?

The shop will have to see it to give me some idea of price first.

SaffronCake Mon 08-Aug-11 13:30:56

The word from my OH (appliance engineer) is ring them and ask them, Oreck dealers will be reputable dealers and may be able to let you know over the phone. Could be something as simple as an end cap on a roller, which is a bit of plastic not unlike a mis-shapen plastic milk bottle lid. He says inside the machine Oreck have gone for simplicity so even if the motor is gone it'll be a straightforward enough job. He'd think it'd be very much worth repairing it because of the high general quality of the machine compared to what else you could buy for the likely cost of the repair.

LordOfTheFlies Sun 21-Aug-11 12:05:00

Thank you saffron.
I did take the Oreck to repair, it was the roller.It had completely jammed.

They offered me a choice of a second hand or a new roller .(New would be about £50 )

I went for the 2nd hand and it's back in business.
I always think they are not the most glamerous of cleaners but if they use them in the USA hotels, then good enough for me.
I wouldn't like to imagine some of the things left in hotel rooms confused

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