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Washing a doll

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starrychime Fri 05-Aug-11 21:22:09

Anyone know what would happen if I put this in the washing machine? This is not my listing but I have 2 of these type dolls that we have decided to get rid of but they are marked on the face, dress etc. It says surface wash but I don't think that'll do it. The body, face etc is padded and I'm wondering if the stuffing would separate out and ruin the thing? What about if I put it in a pillowcase - would that make a difference?

SaffronCake Sat 06-Aug-11 10:12:06

I've washed every toy in this house at least once. I started years ago with only the really disgusting ones from the POV that if it's wash it or chuck it then I might as well give it a chance. Then there were the toys I was given on freecycle- I was probably only given them because they were all surface wash only and filthy. In a bag of 40-50 I lost 3-4 between the wash and tumble drier. Even the apple with the vibrating inner core still works. My 11y/o has a car boot sale habit of picking up 20p teddies, the house rule is it it survives "trial by Hotpoint" it's granted leave to remain (until the next charity shop "teddy cull"). My baby daughter pukes on everything, she's just a leaky one, so far it's cost me a (big) TY beany buddies moose and an aurora froggie glove puppet, everything else lived.

My top tips from a decade of ignoring the instructions are:
If it squeaks it might not after you've washed it.
Residues from too much powder and softners are going to stay in your toys and wreck them. You can rule out the possibility by running the machine first on a boil wash cycle with a cup/mug/good glug of white vinegar (pence from the supermarket).
Anything plush or furry wont agree with most of your chemicals so keep them minimal.
Vanish can be used on doll faces sparingly and thrown straight in the machine.
Give it a really gentle wash, the silk/wool setting on a 30c or something first, you can always put it round again if it still needs it.
If in doubt rinse it twice.
Softener's not usually a good idea.
If it's got sequins, metallic fabrics or anything that might catch or be dragged off then you need a pillowcase and even then it's chancey.
Spin it carefully.
Dry it over the course of week in the airing cupboard or just a warm dry place (radiators can melt toys) rather than tumble drying it.
Don't expect perfection, you will lose some of them.
Nine times out of ten your kids wont notice the missing gold bits on what was once the gold fabric.

starrychime Sat 06-Aug-11 12:46:14

Thanks SaffronCake. Well, they are in the machine inside a pillowcase so we will see what happens. I rubbed the marks with a bar of Fairy washing soap first and have my fingers crossed smile

mousymouse Sat 06-Aug-11 12:56:43

I am also in the 'if it doesn't go in the wash it's not a good toy' camp.
I would put the doll in a pillow case, wool cycle, and only a very little wool detergent ot shampoo.
they should be fine.

SaffronCake Sun 07-Aug-11 14:18:07

How's the patient, nurse?

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