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How can I stop my new kitchen curtains getting splashed?

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UnSerpentQuiCourt Thu 04-Aug-11 14:18:34

In an economy drive, when I removed the hideous cupboard doors in my kitchen, I replaced them with curtains, not new doors. The curtains under the sink and by the bin got very stained, though. I have just made a new set - is there something I can wash them in to help protect them from new stains? Or at least make it easier to wash out the stains?

Georgimama Thu 04-Aug-11 14:22:10

TBH I would get cupboard doors. If the unit is a standard size B&Q do kitchen doors on their own from about £10 each. Otherwise you are just going to keep getting a stained curtain.

SquirtedPerfumeUpNoseInBoots Thu 04-Aug-11 14:25:47

You could try Scotchgard Stain Release.


UnSerpentQuiCourt Thu 04-Aug-11 19:11:38

I had heard of Scotchguard, but was hoping for something you don't have to spray on ... I am resisting cupboard doors because I love curtains - I may be driven to it, though.

SquirtedPerfumeUpNoseInBoots Thu 04-Aug-11 19:21:01

Something you wash in?


UnSerpentQuiCourt Thu 04-Aug-11 20:18:16

Looked really positive, but then I saw (I think) that you can't buy the product, but only treated fabrics.

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