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Sick on seatbelts - help!

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blondieminx Wed 03-Aug-11 22:52:13

DD has reflux and managed to spew all over herself and the car seat earlier (a Britax 2-way Elite). The seat cover is in the wash - but despite vigourous scrubbing with Dettol, the smell of sick won't lift from the seatbelts for the carseat sad

Any tips for getting rid of it?

Pancakeflipper Wed 03-Aug-11 22:56:21

This might not work but I'd try it... Put bicarbonate of soda on seat belt. Now if you can sprinkle it on then you can brush it off later and vac it up. Or you might need need to make a paste then wash it off later.

Leave the bicarbonate of soda for as long as possible ( over night)

blondieminx Wed 03-Aug-11 23:00:45

Ta will give it a whirl. smile Car seat needs to be dry and usable tomorrow lunchtime when we're off to a wedding (great timing DD hmm)

nannyl Thu 04-Aug-11 08:59:38

so you mean the seat belts in the car used to attach car seat in, or her harness, which is part of the car seat?

If the harness, then they can come off and be washed in the washing machine too.
If the cars adult seat belt then id do the bicarb thing, rinse with a weak solution of water + biological detergent, then rinse rinse rinse.

blondieminx Thu 04-Aug-11 10:13:32

bicarb has improved things smile

sadly only some of the harness is detachable and it's sod's law that the bit that isn't is the bit that got sick on it....

<sighs resignedly and hopes that DD will grow out of this reflux thing eventually>

Ponders Thu 04-Aug-11 10:15:33

bicarb is magic for nasty smells (works on poo & wee as well as puke) smile

I always use it as a thinnish paste & rub it in - after it dries it can be hoovered up (if carpet) or brushed off

nannyl Thu 04-Aug-11 11:37:23

are you absolutely sure about that blondie

i had a britax where i was sure the harness doesnt detach, and i too spent a while trying to get sick out of the straps, several times! and about a year later realised that actually they DID come off, and then they had a good machine wash.

blondieminx Fri 05-Aug-11 22:40:09

pretty sure, yep. Had a very good look at it, got the manual out to check too! I really wanted to just be able to chuck the whole lot round the machine. Today she managed to cover her Icandy seat unit too <sighs>

valiumredhead Sat 06-Aug-11 15:42:57

Diluted Zoflora after lots of hot soapy water!

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