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The Dyson has got to go!

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spongefingeranyone Tue 02-Aug-11 10:32:05

Apologies in advance because I know this question has been asked a thousand times before but I still need help deciding.

My ancient Dyson DC05 steadfastly refuses to die but I have had enough of emptying the damned thing and getting covered in dust and I'm certain it's not picking up what it should.

I've read all the reviews and I'm well aware of the MN recommended choices of either Henry (or Hetty) or the Miele C&D. Which though? Is the Miele really worth double the price of Henry?

I have a toddler and a dog, though as a Westie she doesn't molt like say a Lab does. Downstairs is tile in the kitchen and laminate and rugs in the open plan dining room lounge, then carpet up the stairs and bedrooms.

I have the money saved to get a Henry NOW. Should I get it and forget about a Miele or should I continue saving and get the Miele? Is it really worth the extra. Under no circumstances would I be swayed to get another Dyson btw!


Butterbur Tue 02-Aug-11 10:39:07

I have just bought the Miele cat and dog from Kenco Spares for £200, including shipping (DH blew up our last Miele hoovering up plaster dust).

It's lovely. It has a "turbo charged" head, with a roller in it. You can see it rolling up tufts of cat hair and sucking them up. The carpets look cleaner than they have for ages.

GetOrfMoiSamsungFridgeFreezer Tue 02-Aug-11 10:41:19

I am also a dyson hater, but my bastarding thing won't die. I have kicked it down the stairs and it still works.

I LOATHE the fact it is bagless. I might just get a cheapy hoover from argos (I have no carpet so don't need anything heavy duty really).

DP thinks the dyson is a thing of design genius hmm

spongefingeranyone Tue 02-Aug-11 10:49:07

Yes, when I bought my DC05 back in 2003 it was something of a trendy design item. Now it is just loathsome. If i was rolling in £££ then I'd be off to John Lewis tomorrow to buy a Miele C&D, however I'm on a tight budget and want to get the best I can for my money.

Considering my dog isn't a huge molter, the cat snuffed it 2 years ago and half the house has no carpet anyway, would the Miele be overkill? Or would it be so amazingly better than Henry that it'd be worth the wait and extra dosh??

Indecisive, me, don't know what you mean wink

Butterbur Tue 02-Aug-11 13:15:06

If you've got very little/no carpet, I wouldn't bother with the Miele - you can't use the turbo charged thing on floors which might get scratched by the roller.

spongefingeranyone Tue 02-Aug-11 14:28:06

butterbur thank you. Just the kind of tip I was after. Henry defo sounds the better choice at the moment all things considered.

Somewhat gutted now that Tesco are not doing Double Up Points this summer on electrical appliances like they did at Easter as could have got a super-duper freebee Henry with my vouchers. Cheaper on Amazon but they don't accept my accumulated £64 of vouchers, so better deal still for me to buy through Tesco I think, even without double-up.

ceres Tue 02-Aug-11 18:35:41

i had a henry and it was worse than useless. when i finally gave in and bought a dyson i gave the carpets a good going over with the henry and then immediately used the dyson. i couldn't believe how much dirt came out of the carpets.

really, really don't understand how people rave about henry.

spongefingeranyone Wed 03-Aug-11 11:59:19

Blimey ceres never heard anyone say a Dyson was better cleaning than a Henry. Thanks for posting though.

Decision made and Henry has been duly ordered. Can't wait to get my hands on him tomorrow. Have even managed to find a new home for the Dyson by advertising it free to a new home on the work intranet. My bit for recycling grin.

Snackalot Wed 03-Aug-11 21:59:04

I'm with ceres, we had Henry in student houses, I'd get my parents to come and bring their Dyson and we'd use Henry first and Dyson afterwards - amazing how much dirt came out. (I was such a cool rocking studenty type wink

Love my Dyson Roller ball now. Adore it. The best wedding present ever! (still a cool rocking mummy type wink)

noeyedear Wed 03-Aug-11 22:10:06

getorf do we share a husband?? I hate my Dyson as well- we bought it because MY DH said it was a "design classic" ! Shame they didn't design the tube so it wouldn't kink every 5 seconds!

SparkyToo Thu 04-Aug-11 13:23:03

I have a little handheld Dyson in my kitchen - which is great for picking up all the crumbs that are left by my boys after each meal. But for the rest of my house I absolutely love my Sebo. It's still going strong after 12 years - couldn't recommend them enough.

spongefingeranyone Thu 04-Aug-11 13:39:39

I have the dog to clean the crumbs up sparky grin. Thanks everyone for your input. Nervously awaiting Henry's arrival now!

Getorf would love to have kicked the dyson down the stairs but fear the ruddy thing would take half the wall with it as it bounced!!

valiumredhead Sat 06-Aug-11 15:49:13

Yes! We got rid of our Dyson after a year - very disappointed. Miele has lasted 10 years and still going strong. Get it on line from Buyers and Sellers for the best price ime.

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