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Giving keys to cleaner?

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Jergens Mon 01-Aug-11 23:06:57

Would you leave your house keys with your cleaner? I have a cleaner hired thru a company (fully insured) starting tomorrow. I'd like her to clean while I'm at work but feel slightly funny about leaving keys. The company comes recommended from a friend who uses them but she works from home so doesn't have the key issue.

Graciescotland Mon 01-Aug-11 23:08:51

All my cleaners have had keys, it' s not been practical otherwise.

Tortington Mon 01-Aug-11 23:08:52

i do - i can't see a way round it.

i have thought there miht be a home insurance implication though - but i haven't looked into it.

i mean the long and the short of it is - if things go missing, its the cleaner.

starfishmummy Mon 01-Aug-11 23:16:44

You can fix a key box somewhere outside your house, put a key in it and give the cleaner the combination. Its the sort of thing that people who are housebound and have carers coming in use and are easily available from a locksmiths. A reasonably competent diy-er should be able to fit it

thisisyesterday Mon 01-Aug-11 23:23:03

yes, i do, but my cleaner is a friend of a friend.
i might feel a little weird about it if it was through an agency, although i can't see another way round it

stitchthis Tue 02-Aug-11 08:23:15

I don't. Mainly because I don't want anyone rootling through my stuff even if they are just having a nosey. Also, although you may trust your cleaner can you be sure it will always be that person? I know of one case where the (honest, law abiding) cleaner took her (dishonest, criminal) son along with her to keep her company and he had a great time as you can imagine. May seem extreme example but it was enough for me.

Pedicuri Tue 02-Aug-11 17:49:36

Have done it before, but didn't feel comfortable. Will not do it now - as far as I'm concerned, the cleaners have been lovely, but I had no idea how secure my keys were really kept.

spout Tue 02-Aug-11 17:55:47

If anything untoward were to happen I'd expect the agency to be responsible. They would have checked out and vouched for the cleaner and should be insured.

I'd be nervous about leaving my keys with a cleaner that I found on gumtree or similar, but an agency cleaner I'd be OK with.

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