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My bloody fridge!

(5 Posts)
starrychime Fri 29-Jul-11 20:16:50

I have just chipped a block of ice an inch thick and about 18" square off the back of my fridge. It broke and fell onto the glass shelf that sits on top of 2 drawers at the bottom of the fridge. Said shelf smashed into 3 pieces. Chucked ice into sink behind me and knocked a big glass onto the kitchen floor - which smashed to a thousand pieces angry My questions are - would this huge block of ice stop the fridge cooling stuff properly - the butter was getting a bit runny - I thought it would have made things colder inside. Also, you know the little dial (mine goes from 1 to 7) that controls the temperature (nothing fancy, just a manual dial) - does this move by itself? It seems to sometimes be at 6 or 7 when I usually have it at 5. I don't know if I'm knocking it myself when putting things in and out or, when the door is shut, it actually moves by itself shock

WhereonearthamI Mon 01-Aug-11 13:20:31

Where is the dial? Mine's on the ceiling in the centre right at the front and often does get moved when food gets put onto the top shelf. I tend to only notice when the milk goes off!

Not sure about the ice, but I'd suspect the if the fridge is cold enough for ice, it's cold enough for a fridge!

Alix81 Mon 01-Aug-11 13:59:45

I had to defrost our fridge freezer as it as got too icy and our frigde had stopped working.

I'm not sure on the reason why it stops working but It did. I noticed things didn't feel as cold and our milk kept going off before the use by date.

notcitrus Mon 01-Aug-11 14:31:57

My fridge freezer is a superefficient one (Bosch) where the cold air created by the freezer is used to cool the fridge above. Which means if the freezer frosts up,the pipe for coldness gets blocked, and the fridge gets warm. Could something similar be happening?

starrychime Mon 01-Aug-11 20:37:45

Just saw replies here. Now that all the ice is away from the back of the fridge it does seem to be keeping things at the proper temp again. The dial is at the front in the centre so possibly it does get bumped but I will never know - once the door is closed who knows what goes on in there grin

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