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Fuzzled Thu 28-Jul-11 10:47:54

I'm terribly lazy. I really am. So, now that DS is napping for anything between an hour to two hours, I have made the executive decision to get organised and get into routines that mean I have less to do, but more often IYSWIM; for example, laying the washing away as soon as it is dry when hanging up inside so that the hell hole dining room is presentable for guests.

To this end, I have been surfing the Flylady site for hints and tips. One of the best tips for me (as it involved lists, stationery and organisation) was to write routines down.

Now, I'm not talking about routines in terms of
- go into cupboard
- get out cleaning stuff
- get out cloths
- spray cleaner onto cloths etc etc etc

But a reminder to myself of what needs doing in each room, such as
- Dust (remember to do pictures)
- Hoover (don't forget that bit behind the door) etc
And also noting down bits that I always forget to do - such as the top of the standard lamp shade (one of these bowl things that dust accumulates in so that when you turn the lamp on, it smells all burnt).

Husband came home last night to find me adding bits to said list, and started to kill himself laughing at this.

Am I being daft trying to do this with lists? Does anyone else do this at all, or am I really weird?

kellestar Thu 28-Jul-11 14:46:30

I have lists, when I was working MiL would break in and do some of it for us. DH would also know exactly what to do as well.

It has daily/weekly tasks (hoover, dust etc) monthly ones (clean fridge) and quarterly (wash sofa cover). All rooms have a cupboard or wardrobe, lists are laminated and stuck up inside cupboard. I have a wipe off pen from the free wall calendars at work and add DIY tasks to the bottom so they can be done and wiped off.

Now I have a crawling 7 month old these lists are a lifesaver, as constantly forgetting/distracted. DIY list is epic as DH started a few when things were quiet at work and now he has lots in, diy seems to be the last on his mind.

A friend liked my lists so much, she uses it too, but hers are colour coded, by cleaning product/weapon. Yellow for dusting grin.

way2serious Thu 28-Jul-11 20:28:10

I write lots of lists and timatables for work and even when packing for holidays but had never thought of this! I have a cleaner who comes most weeks but I love the idea of having something for the 'deeper' cleaner jobs that need doing!

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