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Dusting Dilemma

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Fuzzled Tue 26-Jul-11 09:53:43

We have a new carpet in our bedroom and DH is also a baby powder fan after his shower, so our room gets very dusty, very quickly.
As there isn't much built in storage, things end up on the tops of dressers/bedside tables etc and as I don't have the inclination time to dust it properly every day (aim for weekly), it does get a bit much for the standard option of Pledge and a lovely white duster (from Lakeland so age it accidentally gets chucked in with clothes, nohing goes yellow!).
Our units are lovely wood and I don't want to damage them, so anyone got any tips on how to dust and not have it going everywhere?

CeliaFate Tue 26-Jul-11 09:58:44

Get dh to put talc on in the bathroom! grin

TimeWasting Tue 26-Jul-11 10:02:03

Agree with Celia, talc stays in the bathroom. Or DH dusts.

Then, you need to get some more storage. Get nice boxes to go on top of dressers. Or declutter.

Pootles2010 Tue 26-Jul-11 10:10:49

Agree with Time - declutter + nice boxes. Ours are on top of wardrobes.

Our bedroom also gets dusty really quickly, so I keep a duster in my knicker drawer, and just whip it over surfaces as I'm getting ready in morning if i notice they need it.

Fuzzled Tue 26-Jul-11 12:10:54

Talc in bathroom is a no no as it's an ensuite the size of a ... very small thing grin

Knicker drawer might work... Need a bag for it I guess. grin

WyrdMother Tue 26-Jul-11 12:15:26

A fat, soft, brush possibly damp might do the job. I use a brush dry for fiddly ornaments at very infrequent intervals (mostly DH's model cars very boring). For what you want maybe an old powder brush on a stick? Should do for flicking round things on surfaces if you don't want to move things every time.

CalamityKate Tue 26-Jul-11 19:42:32

I use one of those microfibre mitts that are actually designed for washing cars.

Like This

Liberal squirt of polish and Bob's yer Uncle. One swipe with something like this is worth 5 with a duster.

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