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Celing mounted Pulleymaid clothes airers?

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Meglet Mon 25-Jul-11 15:48:11

Does anyone have one of these?

I don't really have space for a normal clothes airer and am sick of having to turn the radiators on to get clothes dry on wet days. I was thinking I might get a ceiling mounted one and put it at the top of the stairs. I assume the pulley system means they can come down quite low to load it up?

Do you need to fix it to ceiling beams or go through to the loft? I don't want half my ceiling coming down when it's loaded up with wet clothes!

ExitPursuedByAGryffin Mon 25-Jul-11 15:50:49

We have one. We had it in our previous kitchen which was high ceilinged and it was over the Aga so everything dried wonderfully quickly. When we moved we installed it in the utility room which is low celinged and I can reach to put things on it without having to let it down. I think you will need to fix it to a beam rather than just a ceiling tile - but I am not techincal so don't blame me.

Ponders Mon 25-Jul-11 15:56:10

it def has to be fixed to a joist & you need a reasonably high ceiling. they are wonderful, we had one years ago when the boiler was in the kitchen (when we moved the boiler it had to go, I miss it)

have you considered an over-bath airer if you're short of floor space? ( has a variety smile)

iambach Mon 25-Jul-11 16:04:55

i have one which i have just this second finshed sanding down as the bars get a little black with being wet all the time.

i love mine, gets the washing up out the way. We are very short of space. My only problem with mine is it is in the kitchen diner so if i cook i like to take stuff down to avoid cooking smells on my laundry. Usually i try to hang washing up after dinner at night and remove it the next day before i cook tea.

Had one for about 8 years and I wouldnt be without one now!

Oh and def needs to be into joists other wise it will pull down the ceiling. Mine is screwed to a joist and it can take bedding for the kingsize bed or full load of washing with lots of heavy jeans etc.

iskra Mon 25-Jul-11 16:05:50

I desperately want one of these, & was planning on putting it over my stairs too. Hadn't thought about the joist issue, hmm.

Ponders Mon 25-Jul-11 16:09:29

if there isn't a joist where you want to put you could probably put up a batten (like for a curtain rail) where you do want it, screwed into the joists where it crosses them, iyswim

Meglet Mon 25-Jul-11 16:22:59

thanks all smile. I know a good handyman who will hopefully know all about the beams / joists etc.

I might investigate the loft in a minute and see which way all the beams run.

StopRainingPlease Mon 25-Jul-11 19:55:19

Yes, we have one, and yes, it needs to go into the joists. DH put it up years ago and moaned like anything about the difficulty of doing it, but we use it nearly every day and it's a real blessing. Ours is over the stairs (not very visible, and a good long drop for drying sheets).

hillyhilly Mon 25-Jul-11 19:58:08

I have one, get it as long as you possibly can, make sure it is in the joists as it weighs a tonne with three loads of wet washing on it!
I barely use my tumble dryer, stuff dries up there in about 24 hours winter or summer - it's brilliant!

puglet123 Mon 25-Jul-11 19:59:42

we've got one - they are brill - unless you are cooking fish grin
wouldn't be without one now.

suzikettles Mon 25-Jul-11 20:07:16

Love it. But I second hilly's advice - get it as long as you can and it's worth going for the 6 rail one rather than the standard 4.

newfashionedmum Mon 25-Jul-11 20:24:28

..we have one and they're great, we have it in the downstairs loo, not ideal in some ways - The downstairs loo is therefore a 'no poo zone'! It means we can open the window to air stuff without cold air blowing all round the house. We have been here 2.5 yrs and not needed a tumble dryer. We've saved a ton of electricity.

there are different designs these days you don't have to go old fashioned - we got ours from here because we needed quite a narrow flat one to fit in the small room. When we were looking we saw some funky plastic ones too.

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