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How much linen do you have and where do you keep it?

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Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 25-Jul-11 04:53:46

We have a queen bed for us, a single for our daughter, a queen sofabed and a cot. Until recently we also had a spare queen bed but now we have no spare room (hurrah). We seem to have so much bed linen that we can't fit it in our linen cupboard, which has four deep shelves, so DH is thinking of building a bigger one. I want to purge.

We have four good sets of QS bedding; 4 duvet covers, probably 5-6 sheet sets and lord knows how many pillow cases. DD has two full sheet sets, duvet covers and about 8 pillow cases. The cot has loads of fitted sheets, blankets, etc., but they all live in the drawer under the cot itself. The real storage problem is the electric blanket, other blankets, the spare pillows and the spare duvets (2), all of which go unused unless we have guests. I'm trying to weigh up bigger cupboard vs massive purge & storage boxes under beds.

So what do you do?

Othersideofthechannel Mon 25-Jul-11 05:03:20

What about those bags that you vacuum to suck the air out of, for storing the spare duvets?

savoycabbage Mon 25-Jul-11 05:18:04

Can you not store the unused duvets and blankets elsewhere?

We only have two sets of bedding so only one set in the cupboard. There us no space for more.

My dd's both have single duvets on their beds and we have one spare single duvet which has the cover already on.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 25-Jul-11 05:30:11

Yeah, we can store them elsewhere, the spaces under our bed and DD's bed are currently unused. I'm just trying to persuade DH that having this much linen is Not Necessary. It's a holdover from when his entire family would come stay, but we don't have the room for that anymore anyway. Oh, and he doesn't like there being stuff under the bed. Which I think is odd.

savoycabbage Mon 25-Jul-11 05:48:56

Get your dh an ipad. Then he won't notice how much bedding you have or whether you have the Old Spice man under the bed.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 25-Jul-11 05:56:08

Ha! No, we're too poor and if anyone in the house gets an iPad it's me.

nannyl Mon 25-Jul-11 08:35:36

I have 3 sets for our king size bed (+ spare mattress protector)
i have 2 sets for the spare double bet (+ spare mattress protector)
I have 2 sets of single bed linen but no single bed any more (2 mattress protectors) + single duvet and 2 unused pillow
Lots of cot bed linen

and my camping bed linen (double duvet, 2 pillows, 1 flat sheet for (double / king) + a duvet cover and pillow cases)

I keep it all in the drawers under my bed. The camping stuff and single bed stuff (that we havent got a single bed for at the moment) are in vacume packed hoover bags things.

DoubleDegreeStudent Tue 26-Jul-11 01:16:24

My electric blanket came with a thing saying the best way to store it is just permanently on the bed. Can you not keep it on all year but just not clip on the power cable?

With the blankets, could the sofa bed one live on the sofa bed but folded up (so it looks more like a blanket to grab if you are chilly sitting on the sofa than sleeping on it), and the others just live folded on the ends of the beds?

If you don't want the bedding and don't use it, then I'd pick your least favourite set and hide if somewhere. If DH notices then back to square one, if he hasn't spotted it after a month or two then I think you can donate it to the local charity shop with a clear conscience!

roisin Tue 26-Jul-11 04:51:46

When I got our tumble drier, i rationalised our bed linen, as it simply isn't necessary to have so much: I can get stuff washed/dried in a day if necessary.

So we have just two complete sets per bed.
We don't have more duvets than beds.

mathanxiety Tue 26-Jul-11 04:57:09

I have one spare set of sheets for a single bed. It's there in case of emergencies only. There are five beds altogether here plus one sofabed which is a double. Lots of spare pillowslips though. I have 6 winter blankets that I keep in drawers along with the spare pillowslips, and light duvets that stay on the beds. Anyone sleeping on the sofabed uses a sleeping bag and I lay a blanket underneath. Spare pillows I keep in bags under the beds. I have two.

I have a dryer, and wash and dry and replace bedding on beds all in the same (very busy and laundry intensive) day.

tigerlillyd02 Wed 27-Jul-11 17:44:07

I don't have that much bedding :-/
There's only myself and ds but I have 2 duvet covers, sheets and sets of pillow cases for my bed - one to wash, one to wear sort of thing.
Ds has a bit more than me because his bed can get wet or sicked on or something. He has 4 sheets, but only 2 duvets, duvet covers and pillow cases. I do have about 4 blankets too in the case of emergencies.

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