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Is getting rid of furniture the key to decluttering!!

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PogoBaby Sun 24-Jul-11 11:06:07

Desperately trying to declutter to convince myself we can cope in a tiny (very tiny!) house for the next 5 years.

Since moving in here I seem to have spent a silly amount of time at Ikea looking for the perfect storage but having just emptied yet another shelf of junk Im starting to think more furniture just equals more space to hoard!!

DD is coming up to a year old and at home full time with DH so need space for them during the day. Do toys get bigger or smaller as they get older? Am I right in thinking that floorspace is the critical thing now? Where the hell do I put the clothes horse!!!!

Any help as to how I prioritise what is most important at this stage? Planning on having a second at some point over the next 3 years so will have to fit a baby in too!


KatyMac Sun 24-Jul-11 11:12:21

Hang the clothes horse on the ceiling (a dolly maid? I think they are called) over the bath or on the landing over the stairwell

Toys get bigger, but equipment gets less at that age, think about hanging stuff on the wall or folding it up (I have 2 baby gyms, 1 folds & under the cot the other is hung on the wall)

I use kitchen wall units in odd places for storage, often as entire walls
Use baskets (colour coded) or those flexible plastic buckets for sorting stuff out - 1 per room & clear each one once a day. Every time you find stuff that doesn't belong throw it in the appropriate container.

PogoBaby Sun 24-Jul-11 11:28:54

Thanks KayMac, some fab ideas there.

My parents had one of those ceiling dryers and it was fab, bathroom had low ceiling and landing it so tiny I can't quite see how it would fit but I could look at putting one in the kitchen - just need to find how if the joists are in the right place smile

KatyMac Sun 24-Jul-11 12:52:48

That's OK

I run a nursery from home so I'm quite good at ideas

I keep toys in baskets/tubs so:
all shape sorters together
all textured toys

But with 1 it might be worth making up 3 or 4 baskets with one of each type of toy in and use a different basket each day

PogoBaby Sun 24-Jul-11 13:08:49

Thanks grin Getting all excited at the thought of bringing some order to the chaos - not that I suffer from OCD or anything blush

KatyMac Sun 24-Jul-11 20:23:32

Good luck

I also photograph how things fit in cupboards/boxes so I can get them all back in again & list the contents of a cupboard on a sheet of paper on the inside of the door

Everything should go back where it belongs after it's been used

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