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Dyson DC35

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Tia4 Wed 20-Jul-11 21:54:08

I am interested to hear from any of you who have a Dyson Digital Slim (DC35) ... worth buying do you think? The reviews I've read so far are great but I trust people in here to give it to me straight! I am thinking along the lines of saving time having to drag the main vacuum cleaner out for quick clean ups during the week.

Thanks, Tia.

gregssausageroll Thu 21-Jul-11 08:57:46

Most posters on here will tell you stay well clear of any Dyson. Lots love them though. Our local repair shop is full of the things.

Tia4 Thu 21-Jul-11 09:26:47

Oh that's a shame! Will wait to see if anyone else replies. I have had my Dyson DC01 since they first came out (15 years?) with no problems or repairs so was really interested in this handheld. Thanks for posting.

Fuzzled Thu 21-Jul-11 11:19:40

I've been looking at smaller Dyson's too having had our old one for 10 years.

While looking at them in two separate shops, the assistants beside the displays have both said that they are crap quality now as manufacturing has been sourced abroad and quality control has decreased and cheaper plastics are being used. I was a little hmm about this in the first store, but after playing with one in the second store, it did feel a bit fragile.

Thinking about getting a dust buster style thing for little jobs and leaving the heavy Dyson for weekly in-depth cleans...

Tia4 Thu 21-Jul-11 12:19:03

Thanks for that Fuzzled! I have read more reviews and still think it sounds great but I will go to Argos and ask to hold one first. Thanks again, Tia.

Tia4 Fri 22-Jul-11 09:10:12

Well, I have just test driven the DC35 loaned to me by my aunt (didn't know she had one!) and it's fantastic! Perfect for in-between clean ups when used as an upright. The suction is fab, you only have 15 minutes of power on each charge though. Excellent tools come with it but it IS expensive which is why I'm pleased to be able to try it for a weekend! Just thought I'd update to close this thread.

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