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Where can I buy a half decent duvet and matching curtain set?

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Fimbo Wed 20-Jul-11 14:32:00

I have had them in the past from Next, but I don't know, quality of them seems to have gone downhill these days like the rest of their stuff and I can't stand bloody sequins that they have all over the duvets and curtains. Also I want pencil pleat curtains rather than tabs or eyelets.

There are lovely duvets or curtains out there but I specifically want a matching set.


Catslikehats Wed 20-Jul-11 14:34:28

Laura Ashely does lovely bed linen and "coordinating" rather than matching curtains. They have a sale on at the moment.

herbietea Wed 20-Jul-11 14:35:51

Message withdrawn

piratecat Wed 20-Jul-11 14:36:08

Dunelm? they have loads.

Sarsaparilllla Wed 20-Jul-11 14:37:37

I was thikning Dunelm too, they have some really nice stuff in there

Fimbo Wed 20-Jul-11 14:40:28

Never thought of going to Dunelm tbh. Have only been in there once when it opened and it wasn't doing it for me. Will go back and have another look.

Laura Ashley now what didn't I think of that? We have a homewares one attached to our local Waitrose. Thank you.

Himalaya Wed 20-Jul-11 14:44:11

How does this work then? Do you change your curtains when you change your sheets? Or buy one set of curtains and two sets of the same duvet/pillow etc...or do you sometimes have to have unmatched curtains and duvet?

Just wondering, as someone who rarely manages to have four coordinated pillow cases on at the same time grin

Fimbo Wed 20-Jul-11 14:48:40

I am positively anal about curtains and duvets matching. I currently have my old lounge curtains in my spare bedroom and I feel all crabby when I walk in the room, even although the duvet is cream and goes with anything.

I have plain teal green Next curtains at the moment with matching cream and teal green duvet, need a change. It's all or nothing grin

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