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Baby-proof rubbish bin?

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WorrisomeHeart Sun 17-Jul-11 06:44:28

My DS is a crawling, cruising menace and his latest toy is the kitchen bin. It's a large capacity plastic jobby that we bought v cheaply when we first moved in. DS is able to open it and to take the lid right off so obviously it's not ideal! Can anyone recommend a heavy, baby proof one? Do I need to go Brabantia style?

Ineedmetime Sun 17-Jul-11 10:26:58

I don't know if other mums do this but we have a stair gate on our kitchen doorway. I find it keeps toddler safe away from bin, hot cooker, knives etc

Fresh01 Tue 19-Jul-11 19:32:14

It is a stage, any chance you can put the bin on top of a worktop (away from food prep area) or a chair for a bit? We have found that interest in the bin is a passing phase (3 kids) that comes and goes for a week or so and lasts a few months as they remember and forget about it, similar to the putting things into the toilet phase! But get it out of reach as my 18 month old "lost" my car keys the 3 weeks ago and having searched everywhere many times we suspect they were put in the bin! My best friend lost her new glasses and address book when her DC2 was a toddler.

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