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Mouldy Chest Freezer

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Fuzzled Sat 16-Jul-11 16:20:30

We have a chest freezer that has been unplugged as it has not been used for sometime (new house had a fridge/freezer whereas old house only had fridge room) and it has (unsurprisingly) gone a bit mouldy. Specifically, black spores (like individual snowflakes) on the silver lining and red coloured ick on the seal.
DH has gone over it with Dettol Mould & Mildew to kill the bacteria and then wiped it down with real Dettol for hygiene, but the marks still remain and the seal is still looking manky.
Is this the end for our old faithful? Or is it clean but the marks won't go? Or can I clean it in a better manner?
Please help as I really want to start using this again now we have a DS and need more space for bulk made meals!
Thank you!

rockinhippy Sun 17-Jul-11 15:50:22

I think you might be stuck with some of the staining on the metal at least, but I've found tea tree oil & vinegar great for killing & cleaning mould away - anything left behind after that will just be staining & it will be fine to use
good luck

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