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Behind the oven!

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gremlindolphin Thu 14-Jul-11 14:51:12

Have recently become a SAHM after 10 years of working pt and in trying to be a domestic goddess decided to pull the cooker out this morning and clean behind/under it - oh my goodness me!! I have got a long way to go before goddess status!!

How often does anyone else do this? In my (feeble) defence I do a lot of cooking and a lot with my 2 DDs and other children but I had no idea that so much was being flung around. Its a range cooker rather than a build in one so there is no seal between it and the work surfaces.

WhenCanISleep Thu 14-Jul-11 15:24:06

Oh my goodness - would never consider pulling out oven shock
Ovens and sofas are there to hide the dirt no-one sees, surely??? wink

Worry less and have a wine

PaintedToenails Fri 15-Jul-11 04:58:32

In the ten years I have lived here, it is safe to say I have NEVER pulled out the cooker to clean behind it. I'm in full agreement with the poster above, dirt behind things doesn't count.

Plus my excuse is that my cooker is gas so if I move it, it might leak.....hmm

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