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Thermal/blackout blinds?

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StuckInTheMiddleWithYou Mon 11-Jul-11 19:47:00

I was hoping to get some off the peg as I'm a bit poor. The only problem is we have huge sash windows - 270 cm drop.

Does anybody do anything that might fit?


carocaro Tue 12-Jul-11 15:33:46

If you have or know anyone with a sewing machine do this, get blackout lining, double it over, so you have two sheets of lining on top of each other, sew all around the edges. Then get double side velcro tape, attach one site to window and one side to the fabric. Then will have complete blackout coverage that you just pull on and off each day.

Measure the window very carefully and it's brilliant, cheap to do and complete blackout and stops heat.

mawbroon Tue 12-Jul-11 22:28:58

How wide is your window?

midnightexpress Tue 12-Jul-11 22:34:17

I second what carocaro suggests - we too have enormous windows and I made some with stick and sew velcro for the DC's room - works a treat!

Also, the travel blind in a box that you can buy from mothercare is enormous - not sure of exact dimensions, but it's really long. It attaches to the window directly with sucker pads - you could also attach it to the frame if it's wide enough.

StuckInTheMiddleWithYou Tue 12-Jul-11 23:21:04

Velcro idea sounds good (have sewing machine).

140 width.

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